How many countries in the world?

Once upon a time people living in a particular territory, considered that it is limited to the whole world. They believed that there is only emptiness, what in the universe is no more other people. Today everyone knows that the planet is huge, and it has a lot of settlements. Many interestingly, while many countries in the world?

how many countries in the world

What is a country?

The concept of «country» is inextricably linked with the term «state», the first is a complete synonym of the second. However, the state may also directly designate the authorities that were established on a given territory, and the country is the territory itself.

Most countries vary in their policies, climatic and cultural characteristics. Once in the world there have been many territories that are dependent on other States. These lands were called colonies, but today this word is perceived negatively. However, in fact a kind of a colony still exist, and although they are also considered countries, they are called dependent territories.

The country without sovereignty is usually United under one state. Yes, this situation, from a political point of view, not the most pleasant, but there are other, less optimistic options.

Unrecognized and undefined state

In the world there are a sufficient number of countries whose sovereignty is not officially recognized or recognized but not all. For example, Abkhazia is a country only on the territory of Russia and Honduras. The rest of the territory perceive this country as a part of Georgia.

Almost all States believe that Taiwan is part of China, and Puntland is an official part of Somalia.

Though such differences are very sad, they are something better than the area in which there is no certain status. At the moment there are three such countries.

First – Palestine. Her status is unknown, as it is occupied by Israel. Similar situation with the Western Sahara under the influence of Morocco. There is also a mysterious state of Sealand, which declared the British military in retirement.


How many countries in the world?

In connection with the foregoing, nothing surprising that the answer to the question «how many countries in the world?» are different. Added to this is the fact that sometimes there are new States, so the number may change over time. Now we can assume that in the world there are 262 of the country.

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