How many calories in tomato

Everyone loves tomatoes, but few of them thought about how many calories are in tomato and the impact it can have on the figure at the time of the diet. Let us understand all the features of tomato, I mean how many calories, what their useful properties. One tomato is 20 calories, which is considered a small calorie.

How many calories and tomato

No wonder many nutritionists recommend for tomatoes at the time of diet, in what amounts you used, the impact on the figure applied will not. Fresh tomato, as mentioned above, is 20 kcal, and tomato juice calorie even less – 17 calories. Pickled tomatoes have only 13 calories.

In addition to low calorie, tomatoes still contain a lot of vitamins, among which are vitamins such groups:

  • E – 0.4 mg;
  • B1, B2, B5, B6, folic acid;
  • S – 25 ml;
  • Carotene.

Due to the fact that the tomatoes are practically no calories, they can be safely consumed by all people, even those who are on a strict diet.

Calorie tomato

Calorie depending on grade

Many are wondering how many calories are in fresh tomatoes because they are much more likely to be eaten, unlike the canned versions. Let’s look at the most common varieties, and determine their caloric content:

  • Tomatoes on a branch – 23 kcal.
  • Bullock hearts – 70 kcal.
  • Cherry tomatoes – 15 calories.
  • A regular medium-sized tomatoes – 20 calories per 100 grams.

calorie cherry

The calorie content of foods from tomatoes

We all know that it is much safer to eat tomatoes in the winter in canned form, because in the off-season any vegetables contain a variety of preservatives, bacteria and harmful substances that contribute to the rapid growth of tomatoes. The most common options in the winter are considered to be marinated and pickled tomatoes, and is often used in ketchup, consists of fruits tomatoes. If you watch your figure, then you should pay attention to their calories:

  • Pickled tomatoes – 14 kcal.
  • Ketchup – 112 kcal.
  • Marinated tomatoes – 15 calories.

As we can see, for losing weight people best option will be the canned tomatoes, not store-bought ketchup, which exceeds the caloric content. Many nutritionists quite normally accept the fact that people are losing weight daily eat tomatoes, because their energy value is much higher than food.

The calorie content of tomato juice

In addition to the pickled options and ketchup, very healthy and tasty is a juice made from fresh tomatoes. It not only improves mood and thirst-quenching fluids, but also for several hours can save people from hunger, which also very important is the diet. To answer the question how many calories in juice, you must first know the calorie content of tomato that will be used in the process of creating fresh juice. Per 100 grams of juice, squeezed from the usual tomato, we’ll get to 20 calories, and if you take the cherry, the calorie content of juice will not exceed 15 kcal.

The calorie content of tomato juice

It is believed that if the juice made by yourself, using a juicer and tomatoes, the calorie value of the resulting juice will be much less than purchased option. Purchase tomato juice, in addition to natural ingredients can contain various additives and dyes that are high in calories. The result is that the minimum number of calories contained entirely in the fresh juice made with your own hands. But if this is not possible, even the purchase options may be consumed in the right quantity without harm to the body.

Now you know how many calories are contained in each tomato, depending not only on size but also on the type of fruit. Choose your tomatoes, given their individual situation. If you do not adhere to any diets, you can include in your diet, even tomatoes factory manufacturing, if any calories plays a big role, create your own tomato juice, choosing tomatoes are small in size.

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