How many calories are in a banana?

Banana is everyone’s favorite treat on earth, his love not only children but also adults. He is as sweet as honey, rich as cake, useful as any fruit in the world. Many are so fond of them that do not even realize how many calories are in a banana? Many people think that in 100 grams of the beloved fruit is 80-90 calories, but it is not, on the planet there are over 470 varieties and each has its own calorie content.



These fruits are yellow and very thick skin. When they begin to Mature, the tips of them turn dark yellow or even brown, Monsano Matures much earlier than other varieties. In a purified form, weighing in at 125 g, it is about 100 calories. Also this unusually tasty and useful delicacy by many is not only carbohydrates, fiber, proteins and vitamins, and it consists of 8 amino acids that the human body does not produce on their own. Manzano is much sweeter than all other varieties and many of them resemble the taste of strawberries, especially tasty they are, when their peel becomes dark in color.



His name was bananas because of its small size, it is the smallest of all the varieties of exotic fruit. In the length he attains 8 inches and hides under his bright yellow skin, pale and tender flesh. Average Baby a banana weighs about 85 grams and contains 85 calories. This variety of bananas, eat not only fresh, they are baked in ovens, cooking on the grill and even fry. This type is recommended by many doctors, not just those people who have in the body of potassium also it is recommended by dietitians for various types of diets, where the main ingredient is these exotic fruits, as they are a large number of dietary fiber.



These bananas, especially color, can surprise everyone with its dark red skin, it is much shorter in length and thicker volume than those that many are accustomed to seeing on the shelves in stores. Under his unusual skin hidden pink flesh that is unusual in its texture it is also worth noting, the longer it Matures, the flesh becomes more purple hue. One ripe fruit weighing 140 g. will be about 130 cal.



This species is an exotic fruit native to Mexico, much of it similar to normal, which many used to see on the counter in his shop, but in form they are a little shorter, with more angular shape. Their flavour is reminiscent of slightly sour smell of lemon, and the skin has a yellow color, which slip brown spots. Their flesh is almost creamy color, it looks much softer than the inside. They can be eaten as ripe, unripe, but in this case they should fry, or bake. One ripe fruit of normal size, is 100 calories. In addition, there is quite a lot of vitamin C, B, potassium and dietary fiber.



Its appearance they look like ordinary bananas that are a little perestali, but actually they are quite durable. This grade is compared with the potato, due to the high content of calories and starch, 100 g of this fruit is 123 cal. In countries where it ripens the fruit, it is not customary to eat raw, they, like the potatoes fried, baked and stewed.



This type is most common throughout the former Soviet Union a view of the beloved fruit. This species is grown in Africa, Latin America, and then exported to other countries. The fruit of this variety can weigh from 80 to 120 g. and 100 g. is 90 cal.

Interesting facts about the exotic fruit

Many people think that if the banana is not dospevshie, their fruit is less calories than ripe, but this is a misconception. For example: in 100 g of ripe fruit contains up to 90 calories, and in the green already is — 120 cal. Also those people who are watching their figures should avoid treats such as dried bananas. This popular delicacy (in 100 grams) 300 or more calories, depending on variety, from which was made a treat.

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