How in photoshop to make the background

We all have photos that I would like to improve. What to do if you like yourself in the picture, but the background leaves much to be desired? Need to know how in photoshop to make the background, and a single motion to change the unsightly view of the wonderful picture.


How to remove old background

For any photo to create a unique background. You can make it yourself. Need your the and the program «Photoshop» with a standard set of tools.

  • Open the desired picture in the program and removes the lock from the image. So we unlock the layer in which plan to work.

For example, we take a picture of a dog on a white background.


  • After unlocking the layer that you select in the toolbar the Magic wand. To do this quickly, press W. With the help of sticks detachable photos of your dog from common white background. Click on the largest area of white space, and then active button Shift selectable area, who did not want to get out immediately. As you know, the Shift key allows you to make a new selection region
  • Carefully examine the image. If you’re sure you’ve captured all the background that you want to delete, then just press the key Delete. You can also use the top menu and select «edit» the string «Clear». After that, the background will turn.
  • Then you have to remove the selection. To do this, use the key combination CTRL+D or menu Select, «Cancel». Background

How to add a solid background

So, we have the image of the dog without the background. His role now performed by the alternating gray and white squares. We now turn to the Fill tool, it will help to create the desired background. To activate it, use the button G. You can choose the color you like and click on the background icon, symbolizing the casting.

Novi background

How to add a background with a gradient

If you want the background was not solid, and the color shifted from one shade to another, use the Gradient tool. It is also called with the button G.

Using the settings select the optimal level of color transition from one to another. The gradient editor has an intuitive interface. Use the slider that you can drag. These manipulations will transform your picture. Remember that it is painstaking work that requires patience.

Next to the balloon under the number zero should appear in the graph called «Gradient fill». Experiment, choose the color, the angle and the saturation of the hue. You can download templates gradients from the web and use them to create the background. After all the manipulations do not forget to save the image.


How to diversify the background

To create a unique background you can use the tool «Brush». To do this, add a new layer by selecting «Layers», under «New layer». This layer is above your background. Now, activate the brush by pressing the hot buttons B.

In brush settings, select the desired template, for example, you can opt for the imprint of the «Fluff» of red color and distribute of elegant stars to the background.

You can also use stamps, brushes with stars of any color, glitter or blurred lines. The program offers a choice of standard templates of brushes, the most interesting are:

  • Sedge
  • Grass
  • Maple leaves
  • Fluff
  • Dry brush

background brush

What could be better than an individual background which is created by you. Now you can forget about the standard pictures from the Internet. The new background will give your images unique.

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