How in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture?

Photoshop is one of the most popular programs for working with images. It gives many possibilities, most of which are sometimes difficult to understand. For example, not all know how in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture.

In General, this refers to manipulation quite simple. However, this action can be performed in different ways. It is useful to know them all, especially if you have to work with versions of Photoshop over the years.

how in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture

Where to start?

In order to proceed to the analysis of how in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture. For starters, of course, you need to install the program Photoshop and run it. Then the work begins with images.

You need to choose a basis, that is, the image, which will be located to another site. It can be anything. For example, in photoshop you can create your own drawings to then attach other images or text.

In addition, you can borrow from the Internet, pictures that are freely available. Finally, it is often necessary to connect a personally taken picture with any other picture.

That would not have been selected as the basis, the file must be open in Photoshop. This can be done using menu item File – Open or just drag and drop the selected object directly in the working field. Then, you will only find the second picture that needs to be placed in the first.


How in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture?

First and foremost, it is necessary to consider two simple ways that require minimal efforts. Their main disadvantage is that it is only appropriate for the most new versions of Photoshop.

Method one: overlay.

  • To start, you need to open a second picture in exactly the same way as the first. They must be in different Windows.
  • Do not need to expand the image to fill the screen. It is best to place Windows with pictures next to each other, so they were all visible.

drag and drop

  • This can be achieved by dragging the tab with the image. Finding it at the top of the program, you have to hold down the left mouse button and collect the box below. As a result, it will lose the full screen size and you can place the picture where it is needed. If you want, will be able to easily change the size to both fully fit on the screen.
  • When all images will be visible, will make a very simple manipulation, namely, the transition of one object to another. For this there is a special function that has a hot key, and you can work with layers.

The easiest way to use moving layers. In order to do this, open the image to be superimposed on the main one. Most often, the layers are arranged on the right in the program. You have to press left button on the layer picture and hold it, and drop it onto the main image.

Release the button, and the second picture will move to the first. You can then adjust the superimposed image. Using «Free transform easy to change the size of the object and its location.

All this can be done by using the Move tool. Turn it on with the hotkey V. Further manipulation are the same as with layers, but transferred the entire image.

dragging a layer

Method two: drag and drop from the computer

In order to place an image on top of another, it is not necessary to even open in photoshop. A picture may be obtained directly from the desktop, a folder or any other place in the computer. All the steps will be very similar to the previous method, but the result is some great.

So, first you need to find the image that is to be put on computer. If it is on the desktop, it is best to minimize photoshop. If the image is in a folder, this folder can be placed on top of the program to see it and the primary image.

After that you need to pinch the picture with the left mouse button and drag it to the second image in the same way as it was described in the previous method. As a result, the image becomes a smart object.

Feature of smart objects is that this so-called layers of containers that can be easily changed in size without losing quality. On the one hand, it’s good, but, on the other hand, the imposition of such objects have to spend time on formatting. As a rule, the printed image comes out over the edges of the output or, conversely, imposed in a very small size.

As a rule, in such a situation it is important to maintain the aspect ratio of the second picture. In order to work with the size it is not twisted, you need to hold down the Shift button on the keyboard. Changes confirm with a check mark on the toolbar or Ctrl+Enter.


The third way: the function of «Place»

Using this method all manipulations are done directly in Photoshop. In this case, will also appear a smart object, which means that you have to adjust the size and some other parameters of the overlay image.

How in photoshop to insert a picture in a picture:

  • For starters, you need to open the first image.
  • Then under File select «Place…».
  • Clicking on it will open the window. It will have to find in the computer’s memory image, which will add on to the original picture.
  • After she is found, highlight it and click on the button «Place».
  • As a result, the image appears on the original picture.

The frame for editing is easy to understand that a hosted file is a smart object. After working with the edges (with the Shift key held down), you can adjust the image to the desired size, and place it in the corresponding place.


Video instruction

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