How galoshes or overshoes, spelling words

In the Russian language a lot of words that sound and are spelled differently but have the same value. Along with many words is the word «galoshes». Many wonder how galoshes or overshoes? Despite the fact that in our time such variant shoes are becoming less popular, about it time after time.

How overshoes or galoshes


The origin of the word

The word «Shoe» was due to the French word «galoshes», which is why it is written with the letter «g». While the French word comes from Latin — «gallica», which means «Gallic sandal».

The other side of the story will talk about this word as «Shoe». This word has a German origin, it was formed from the word «kalopodion», means «wooden Shoe.» If we consider the other side of the coin, it is correct to write the word «Shoe».

Galoshes and overshoes in our time

If we look at modern dictionaries, it is possible to find two definitions:

  • Shoe.
  • Shoe.

look like galoshes

Both are correct, but that’s just the first version, aka «the Shoe» — quite an old word, it is nowadays almost never used. Only our grandparents can from time to use it, talking about his comfortable shoes. Subsequently dictionaries have changed the letter «K» with «g», but the designation and appointment of shoes has not changed.

Today in the Russian language it is possible to note two words: «Shoe» and «Shoe» and all of them are correct. As a result, it’s safe to say that in this case the distinctive feature is only the first letter that is associated with the adventure of these words. Both options indicate the name of the rural comfortable shoes that from time to time using the Russian people.

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