How do you spell the same way: separately or together

In everyday speech we often use the word «still», and very rarely think about how to spell it. But just as in writing we are going to use that word, then the question arises: how do you write the same way, together, separately or hyphenated? Let’s try to answer this question.

how to spell anyway

Not depending on the situation, the word «still» must be written separately, because in Russian language there is no such word as «anyways», and use it in this form is considered to be a gross mistake. Not hard to remember that they are two different words, but somehow many people from time to time allow.

Spellings of words

In turn is necessary to note that the word within the sentence can be written in different ways, it all depends on the meaning. There are two options:

  • Is the introductory offer. This is the most frequent case, which you should definitely commas. Example: Maxim refused to attend, but his colleagues knew him still have to make a report.
  • The subject or predicate in the sentence. In this case, it is not allocated by commas. For example: I still to this situation.

It would not have sounded the word «still», we write it separately, the difference only exists in the presence or absence of commas or other punctuation marks.

All the same or all flat?

This is another blunder to the next, people who love to use that word in writing. Of course, in the Russian language a lot of words that sound and are spelled differently, but the word «still» refers to the group of words that are spelled and sound the same. Many people doubt of the correct spelling and more inclined to the second option: «all the same», but this is a mistake.

All the same or all flat?

If you want to talk about what you care about, as there are certain things that you need to use only the word «still». «Still» is used only in the context when talking about your business, about the Affairs at work or you just want to say that everything is good. In this context, it is appropriate to use the «all smooth», with the accent on the first syllable.

Russian language is very good, it is possible to find a lot of interesting words that we use every day in your spoken lexicon, but very rarely encounter the need to write them. If you are faced with this problem, our article will be able to explain in detail how to write the word «still» when you need to isolate it with commas and when not to. Always be on the same level as literacy.

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