How do you spell please?

Some words in the Russian language at the time of pronunciation have fewer letters than at the time of writing. That is why the question often arises how to spell please, do I need to add the letter «y». Of course, at the time of writing the letter «d» must be, despite the fact that a colloquial form it is not pronounced.

Errors in the spelling of the word

how to spell please

Some people realize that the word must contain the letter «y», here only where it to register? Often found in written form the word «please», but it is not true, because in Russian language there is only one form of writing, and it reads: «please».

We can also find people who do not belong to those who know all the grammar rules of the Russian language. If the spelling of the word «please» can be somehow justified, writing «please» is not included in the Russian dictionary and wildly, «cut eye».

The word «please» we use in different proposals every day several times, for example:

  • Can I come in? – Yes, please.
  • Thanks for the help. – Please.
  • I’ll call you tomorrow. – Please.
  • Bring me some coffee. – Please have your coffee.

the spelling of the word please

Also, the word may be input and allocated by commas in writing, for example: «Excuse me, can you please tell me where is the salon?».

In speech mistakes in pronunciation are almost invisible, they can be considered only in written form. That’s why we need forever to remember that the word «please» is spelled with the first vowel «o» and the letter «y» which is only in the third syllable of the word.

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