How do you know your tariff?

Each subscriber wants to know where his money is going. So many people wonder how to find out your tariff? The subscriber can compare your tariff with others and find the most favorable conditions for calls and SMS.

Start tariff plan is listed on the cardboard packaging, which sold the SIM card. But quickly find the desired envelope can be difficult. What to do if you want to know your tariff?


USSD – command

To find out your tariff, you need to dial USSD command *111*59# and press the call key. On the phone screen a message appears with information about billing.

This feature is free, it operates on the territory of the home as well as abroad when roaming is turned on. You don’t need to wait until the operator picks up, and especially to go to the nearest customer service center. This USSD command is easy to use.


If, in response to a command received a message that contains unreadable characters, it means that your machine does not take messages in Russian language. To change the display language SMS, dial the following combination:

*111*6*2# and a call key — this set of numbers will switch the language, the message about your rate will come in the transcription.

*111*6*1# and a call key — d— up team will include Russian language in the messages.

If it is configured properly, SMS will be the data about the name of the tariff, the cost of calls and subscription fees, as well as the price for the provision of services of the Internet.

Smartphone and a girl

Service *111* will help you to get various information. With it you can change your rate if the cost of services you do not like. The service also helps connect useful options that are in addition to the tariff plan. They will save on calls, SMS and Internet.

This USSD works only on phones with SIM cards MTS. Monthly fee for use of the service is nil.

Mobile communications

The call to the operator

The subscriber is sometimes difficult to remember the combination numbers for USSD commands, so you need to know other ways of determining the tariff.

The simplest method of obtaining information about the cost of calls and messages is the call to the operator MTS.

To call the help Desk, dial the number 0890 and wait for answer employee call center. For identification, he may ask you to call passport information and a code word. Make sure that the necessary information was at hand if you want to dial the phone support service of MTS.

You will be able to ask the employee MTS all your questions about the rate, he also advises to plug in different options and tell you about the best action.

The operator

The site of MTS

Your fare is easy to find on the website of the mobile operator. To do this, visit the website select your region. Then you need to log into your account, selecting the item «Mobile communications». The password will be sent to the phone number specified at logon.

The site of MTS

You can also tie in to the personal account of MTS with their accounts in social networks Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte.

In my office you will find information on the fare and active the options, account balance and other useful data.

To fare always at hand, can be installed on the smartphone mobile application «My MTS». There are versions for smartphones Windows Phone, Android and iOS.


Subscribers rarely think about change of your tariff plan. But sometimes, seeing it on TV or in the Internet advertising about new best deals, we want to find out how much we pay for calls and messages. Perhaps the new rate is more favorable than the one being used now. For that you need to know your plan and its characteristics.

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