How do you know your number Megaphone?

Telecommunications company MegaFon is one of the largest of its kind. Formed in 2002, to 2015, she managed to accumulate more than 76 million subscribers, and their number continues to grow. Consider how to find out your broadband TV.

how do you know your number megaphone

Quite often in life there are situations in which there is a need for a new SIM card. Now it can be done, preserving the old and long-familiar room, but you can get a brand new one. And even if man had chosen the most attractive to him, it will not prevent him soon to forget them. Therefore, the questions «how do you know your number Megaphone» has not lost its relevance.

Method # 1 – supporting documentation

supporting documentation

If the new SIM card appeared not so long ago, or its owner is neat and frugality, he can find documents that are received together with a new number. If you examine the official contract with the Megaphone, you can find it cherished numbers.

Method # 2 – call operator

the call to the operator

If there are no documents, but the SIM card is designed for someone who is trying to get her number, then it is possible to ask the operator. Armed with a passport, a person must dial the number 8-800-333-05-00 (it’s free) and wait for the answer of the consultant, to ask him his mobile number.

Method # 3 – call a friend

call a friend

If there is no passport, to prove to the operator that is talking to him now is the owner of the SIM card will not work. However, you can always call a friend. If it is nearby, it is enough to rewrite flashed on the screen of his phone number anywhere, including in your phone. If there is no other number, then he can send the numbers by SMS.

If the card is new, you may experience difficulties with the call, as for number activation need some time. However, in most departments that sell was tested, they activate immediately when the buyer.

Method # 4 – internal functions

internal functions

Although modern smartphones is uncommon, in older phone models can contain a special item which allows you to find the megaphone. Most often it is located in the General settings, but may also be in challenges. Sometimes in the contacts list, you can find one called «My room».

Method No. 5 – special team

a special team

How do you know your number megaphone as simply and quickly? For this purpose there is a special combination of numbers and characters. If you dial *205# and press «call», then a few seconds the screen will display the phone number.

Earlier for the use of this command MegaFon took a ruble, but now to ask about their room any number of times without spending a penny.

Do you know your number is real regardless of the situation – even if before the person there is it a new SIM card or the phone at all. These methods will allow to cope with the situation.

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