How delicious to cook rabbit

Hostess who wants to please households delicious, will certainly be wondering about how to cook a rabbit. Many do not like the meat of this animal, referring to its rigidity. But the problem is already solved. There are a huge number of various recipes, which describe how to prepare tasty rabbit to become juicy and soft.

The choice of a good carcass

The dish turned out very delicious, you must give him a quality rabbit. Ideally, you should give preference to the meat of the animal, whose age does not exceed five months. It has a higher price, but these costs are worth it to eat with the whole family a delicious treat.

how to cook rabbit

Good meat has a pink hue. If you bought a whole bird, the weight should not exceed 1.5 kg. If the rabbit weighs 2 kg, then it is likely an old animal. To take it is not recommended.

Cooking rabbit meat

Before you can cook rabbit, need to know how much time this process. Immediately it should be noted that this meat requires long cooking. So, this dish is not suitable for those who used to do everything in haste.

Small pieces of rabbit, really to cook for half an hour. During this time, the meat well cooked through, and it will appear crisp, which will not leave indifferent any gourmet. With regard to stewing and roasting rabbit, this kind of cooking takes one hour.

przygotowany rabbit

Before cooking the meat should be thoroughly soaked. The procedure takes less than three hours. Cooks skip this step, the result is a very tough rabbit, which it would be difficult to eat.

Spices for meat

No meat does not a delicious, if not used in its preparation spices. With it, each animal and bird has their own set. So is the case with the rabbit.

Rabbit meat is combined with spices:

  • Bay leaf.
  • Pepper.
  • Garlic.
  • Bow.
  • Basil.

Complete this set of spices coriander, oregano and cumin. They will buy meat of unusual flavor and incredible aroma.

Ways of marinating rabbit

Marinated rabbit meat is one of the most important stages in its preparation. To cope with it even novice do not understand anything about cooking.

To marinate the rabbit should divide it into separate parts medium size. After they are thoroughly washed and lightly soaked in ordinary water for 3-5 hours. Every hour is recommended to drain the water and pour new.

marinade for rabbit

The best marinade for rabbit white wine. Alcoholic beverage allowed to replace olive oil, cream, wine vinegar, and even sour cream with a small amount of spice. Especially careful to treat a marinade based on vinegar. A lot of it can make the meat too tough.

Meat put in a container and pour the selected kind of marinade. This is done as follows:

  • To marinate rabbit in vinegar, place it in water adding three tablespoons of this ingredient. If a whole bird, it should be kept in this way for about three hours. For marinating the pieces of the animal enough and one and a half hours.
  • For marinating the rabbit in white wine, simply pour it alcohol for one hour. After you rinse the meat you need. You only need to Supplement it with selected spices and send in the oven.
  • To marinate the animal in sour cream, olive oil or cream, you need to pre-soak the meat, and then mix the chosen ingredient of spices, rubbed them the carcass. As such, the rabbit needs to stand for about an hour. After it can be safely put on a baking sheet and bake.

Worth a try to experiment with different types of pickles to find the most delicious for yourself.

A simple recipe for cooking rabbit meat

Very tasty rabbit in sour cream. This dish can be found in many expensive restaurants. But it is not very difficult. Make meat a treat, use the following:

  • Chopped pieces of the animal are soaked in wine vinegar.
  • After soaking it and add salt and pepper, and then for 15 minutes fry in a pan.
  • Now lay the rabbit in a deep bowl, top with draped proassurance onions and carrots.
  • Top the dish is filled with plenty of sour cream.
  • As such, the rabbit is braised for at least 40 minutes.
  • Before serving doesn’t hurt to sprinkle the dish with chopped herbs.

the recipe Bunny

This is not the only recipe for cooking rabbit. Your method will be able to come up with every woman if she will know the basic steps of cooking meat of this animal. Do not be afraid to use the product in their culinary experiments. It is in such moments of life are the best recipes.

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