Hepatitis what is it and how is passed?

Despite the development of modern medicine, there are lots of different diseases. Although often people have to remember about the existence of cancer and cardiac diseases, there are other serious danger. For example, many wonder, hepatitis what is it and how is this disease?

Hepatitis what is it and how is passed?

Description of the disease

Hepatitis C refers to infections anthroponosis. This means that the disease occurs due to infections and parasites that can exist only in the human body. In this regard, the Contracting anthroponosis disease can only be from the other, already a sick man. This infection also called HCV.

The disease develops through the virus that contains RNA. In the world more than 150 million people have hepatitis C in the chronic form. In this regard, they have a high probability of cirrhosis, cancer and other liver diseases.

The incubation period pathology takes from two weeks to six months. Typically, symptoms appear in about a month and a half. Very often the patient is already contagious, but he is not aware of the presence of the disease for many years. Sometimes hepatitis C is detected as result of routine blood tests. People who live up to forty years with the virus without having serious manifestations of its action are not uncommon.

What is hepatitis C and how is this disease?

Even if full development of the virus, the symptoms may be completely absent and learn about the disease is really only blood. People who suffer from chronic hepatitis C, unable to think about the health problems is that fatigue and slight oppression of intellectual health. However, eventually the disease will result in cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Almost 50% of the infected occurs fatty degeneration of the liver, which disappears only with the beginning of cirrhosis, although it affects less than one third of tissues.

hepatitis C

Hepatitis what is it and how is this pathology:

  • The disease is anthroponosis, and thus get the virus from another person.
  • Infection occurs directly through the skin and mucous and blood.
  • Getting sick can be through parenteral manipulations, which include a variety of administering drugs (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, etc.).
  • The cause may be and injection equipment in dental clinics.
  • Such may also occur when acupuncture and the use of punctures not for medical purposes, for example for piercing, and when creating tattoos.
  • Despite popular belief, Contracting hepatitis C through sexual contact with a carrier is almost impossible.


Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis of this disease is based on history four months before the first symptoms. There is usually enlargement of the spleen and liver and enhanced enzymatic action, however, must be ruled out other diseases.

Interestingly, slightly less than a quarter of all patients healed themselves through healthy lifestyle, quality rest and plenty of drinking. However, the applied drug exposure. In the most serious cases, hepatitis C causes liver transplant, but after this is often used ribavirin as the possible return of the disease.


Unfortunately, so far there is no vaccine against this type of hepatitis, although attempts of its development is not stopped. To prevention include observance of all safety measures during the various injections. If there is no confidence in the sterility of syringes, it is best to apply an oral medication.


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