What is gout?

«Gout – what is it?» — this question seems to concern everyone who is faced with the joint pain and discomfort when walking.

what is gout

Gout is a joint disease caused by deposition of salts. The disease most often affects men over the age of 45 years. The disease affects the joints of hands and feet, hands, elbows, knees and feet. The pain is so strong that man for a while loses the ability to walk normally and lead a normal lifestyle.

What is the cause of gout

In ancient times, gout in men most associated with the rich and influential. «The disease of kings» was called the gout, and it was explained simply: excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods, and alcoholic beverages contributed to the accumulation of uric acid and, as a consequence, the occurrence of gout.

Modern medicine has identified a number of reasons that can occur gout and found effective methods of dealing with the disease.

At risk patients:

  • Suffering from alcohol abuse.
  • Systematically violating the regime of proper nutrition.
  • Who suffer from diabetes and hypertension.
  • Have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

The symptoms of the disease

Gout – what is this disease? Not enough to know only the reasons why it may be disease, you need to understand what symptoms has the disease and how to cure gout.

symptome gout

The first thing that should be alerted – this is an inflammation of the joint. In addition to tumor and redness of the skin, a patient is having fever and severe pain. The paroxysms usually occur at night, causing even more inconvenience. If these symptoms are left unattended, over time formed podarochnye nodes that negatively affect the quality of life, lower immunity and can cause serious infection.

The stage of development of the disease

Depending on how severe form of acquired disease, gout can be divided into the following types:

  1. An acute attack. The characteristic features of this stage are:
  • Headache.
  • Body temperature 39°C and above.
  • General weakness.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • The signs of redness.
  • Disturbed motor activity of man.
  1. Subacute stage — this is a condition in which inflammation covers medium and large joints.
  2. Rheumatoid gout affects the small joints of the hands.
  3. Pseudoplasmodia gout affects any joint in the human body, begins a serious process of inflammation, is a state of fever, laboratory blood tests are much too high ESR parameter.

features of gout

How to diagnose gout

The main thing you need to remember that an accurate diagnosis can only ask a rheumatologist. In order not to be mistaken, the doctor usually appoints a number of studies:

  • Laboratory analysis of blood and urine.
  • The fence on the analysis of the synovial fluid.

According to the results of laboratory tests and visual inspection it is possible to make the correct diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment.

How to treat gout

There are several treatments for this disease. The best result can be achieved using only a comprehensive approach to treatment, bringing together in one course:

  • Treatment with medicines.
  • By eating a healthy diet.
  • Using creams and ointments help to relieve symptoms of the disease.
  • Using auxiliary recipes of traditional medicine.
  1. Diet. It is important to start treatment of gout with observance of special diet, painted by the doctor. The diet eliminates the consumption of offal, meat of young animals, fatty fish, canned, smoked. In a week are acceptable, no more than 300 gr. lean meat or fish. Remember that when cooking more than half of the purine molecules remains in the broth, so for patients suffering from gout the intake of saturated broth is also undesirable. With extreme caution should be taken to of salt. Permissible-no more than 7 grams per day.

treatment of gout

Preference is given to vegetables and fruits, low-fat cheese and yogurt, cereals and potatoes, and eggs.

Coffee, strong tea and alcohol are best to replace the herbal decoction, juice.

  1. Given that gout treatment is primarily aimed at relief of pain, the medication plays a significant role in the overall therapy.

Most often doctors prescribe drugs nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory: Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Noxen. These medicines well relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the affected joint.

Colchicine is a drug whose action is directed at reducing inflammation and restoring the functionality of the patient’s joint. To assign this drug only a doctor, selecting individual dosage and pattern of use.

In some severe cases, doctors are assigned the hormonal means. They are administered injection in the joint area.

  1. Recipes of traditional medicine in the treatment of gout

As practice shows, there are a number of infusions and decoctions, which are very beneficial effect on the healing process of gout. So infusion of leaves of bilberry well will remove the inflammation and swelling of the joints of patients. To prepare the broth should pour 200 ml boiling water 25 gr. leaves, cranberries, brew and strain the broth, take a tablespoon after a meal daily. Good for gout make nettle juice, but no more than one teaspoon 3 times a day.

Lotions of calendula, vinegar and iodine will quickly reduce inflammation and reduce pain. The rubbing is prepared with proportions: table lodges vinegar, handfuls of marigold flowers, and two or three drops of iodine.

gout in the hands

Also quite effective in the treatment of gout an old folk remedy is compresses using animal fat. This flap flax impregnated with beeswax tincture and smear any animal fat. A compress applied on the aching joint and cover all with plastic wrap, then a warm scarf. Week daily compresses will help to forget about the pain and discomfort of an inflamed joint.

Of course, information about what is gout and how to go affliction is useful. But it’s better if a proper diet and healthy way of life will help to avoid this dangerous disease.

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