Footer — what is this fabric. Features, types and advantages

Consumers are increasingly refuse from synthetic fabrics in favor of natural fibers. So many people wonder what kind of fabric the footer. Can we call her a natural for hundred percent, what is it made of and how much it costs.


Features of the fabric

The name «footer» is very exotic. But behind it is the good old cotton, which is loved by many. It is hygienic and keeps the body warm, and is therefore ideal for sewing children’s clothing. Moreover, this fabric is easy to care for, it is not deformed and does not form a large number of pellets.

From the footer is easy to sew at home, even if you have little experience. The cloth will not slip out of the hands and wrinkle-free. Footer – cheap fabric, it is affordable for every buyer.

Girls and fabric

History footer

If you do not know the fabric is the footer that it is, then just ask your parents and grandparents. They remember how in the middle of the last century, the clothing stores were filled with products made from warm Terry cloth. This was the footer.

Footer – this is a cotton knit. Our grandparents treasured this fabric, using it for sewing warm clothes for the winter period. But this «ancestor» of the footer was clumsy, the fabric had a large thickness, and after several washings has fallen, forming unsightly hairs. Technology has improved this warm type of fabric, giving him the strength and subtlety.

The footer will krupnim plan

The first products of Terry footer appeared on store shelves in 50-ies of the 20th century. They immediately found supporters among the Soviet buyers. It is warm, pleasant to the touch fabric and is popular these days. No one wants to buy children things out of synthetics, even if they are beautiful and practical. Much more comfortable the child will feel in a bodysuit or a Romper with footer, this is known to every experienced mother.

Experienced mother

Types of footer

The footer is made with the help of unique needles that are woven into the Foundation cloth loosely twisted yarn. With the inside loops are formed. This type of footer is called «Terry», he has several varieties, which depend on the number of threads:

  • Single. Fine linen made of natural cotton. It is made from clothes for kids and underwear. One square meter of single-footer has a weight less than 200 grams
  • Dvuhnitochnyj. This knit is slightly denser. Often natural fibers add synthetic components to prevent severe stretch fabric. From duntocher footer sew sportswear, baby suits, pyjamas, nightgowns, bathrobes and other warm cosy items, which are nicely attached to the body Costume for detini
  • Thread. The pile of these fabrics is thick and long. The material is quite dense and warm. The weight of one square meter of my footer is 365 grams. The structure of this kind of knitwear is almost always included spandex, polyester or wool. Winter sports clothing often is made of the thread of Terry footer, as it is lightweight, but retains heat well

Warm clothes from the footer

The advantages of footer

This fabric has many advantages:

  • The knit has a loose structure, so it breathes well, keeping warm. Excessive sweating, which occurs when wearing synthetics, no. This is especially important when choosing clothes for newborns
  • The insulating properties. Terry fabric keeps you warm and gives you a cold
  • Good wear-resistance. The fabric is durable and is not afraid of deformation, it can stretch, and then again to take shape. It is not easily soiled and is easy to wash


Buying products made of synthetic, think about it, but isn’t it better to choose something more natural. The footer is a quality fabric which is very popular for more than 50 years.

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