Fleas in the apartment where and how to get rid of?

Many living beings of the Council in city apartments – it can be like cats and dogs, and pythons, tarantulas and decorative. Here who place in the houses is rare, so it is fleas. Such an attack is not rare, so people are interested, fleas in the apartment where and how to get rid of them?

fleas in the apartment where and how to get rid of

The types of fleas

A very large number of small dark insects, people automatically take for a flea. For example, many have heard about the land of fleas, but in fact it’s the bugs that eat the plants, and therefore meet in fields and pose a danger to the harvest.

Herbal fleas bedbugs resemble and also unlikely to start in a city apartment, their food is vegetable juice.

There are many other species of these insects. They can feed on the blood of a specific animal, you can never contact the person, and can use it as a means of feeding, if there are no other options.

So, before you start dealing with fleas, you need to make sure that the apartment multiplied. For this you need to pay attention to the appearance of insects, and one important factor.

What fleas can be in the apartment?

Of all the types of fleas around thirty can choose their place to live a city apartment. Among them, murine, sand, bedding, cat and dog fleas.

Their color can be quite bright shades of yellow and dark brown. Sizes are fleas not exceed 5 mm. the Body of an insect is covered with setae and spines, it has three pairs of legs, but most importantly – fleas jump, and, as a rule, quite high.

The main problem is that in just two years of his life the female lays about five hundred eggs, which in two weeks will be full of fleas.

flea sobacha

Fleas in the apartment where and how to get rid of?

A common misconception that parasites are in the room only with sick animals, dogs and cats. But it is not. Of course, they can be carriers, but the causes of fleas lie in other aspects.

  • In warm periods on the lawns the larvae of fleas that may get into the house as the paws of the pet and Shoe man.
  • In the basement often live stray animals and rats are developing together with them the fleas that may one day migrate to the next apartment.

Thus, parasites can be in the house by transferring them from the street, and could be carried by both animals and people. They moved from basements and apartments, which are already in a battle with them.

Answering the question of fleas in the apartment where and how to get rid of, you should consider key points of their settlement.

where the flea

Where are the fleas?

In this respect there are two problems. First, fleas do not need a house. Therefore, it is impossible to find a nest and there to fill poison. Insects jumping all over the apartment, they don’t have somewhere to settle.

Secondly, fleas lay eggs and they can both in the animal and in secluded places, like absolutely any cracks on the floor near the baseboards and floorboards. They can be collected from the animal litter and bedding.

As a rule, if it was observed only a few individuals, this is about the contamination of the apartment. It is not necessary to wait for the itchy pet, and the more bites of his own body. While the parasite must immediately go rescue them.

How to get rid of fleas?

The basis of this process – complete cleaning of the dwelling. All carpets and other fleecy surfaces must be thoroughly propylesoste, and even better – out to be cleaned. All the rest must be handled manually. With the help of water and rags carefully namyvayut absolutely all surfaces, special attention should be paid to floor and baseboards.

getting rid of fleas

When cleaning is finished, you need to handle all areas of special sprays to combat fleas. It is important to treat the floor, because there certainly are eggs of fleas. For this reason, after processing floors should not be washed for about a week, and even better then reprocess. The fact that the funds will not be able to affect the eggs, and from them, in any case, there will be new fleas. But if after the birth they will get on the treated surface, it will soon die.

It is very important to clean and treat not only the surfaces, carpets and furniture, but also soft toys, warm Slippers, pillows and other such things.

fleas in the apartment

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