Failed to load the plugin what to do?

The modern Internet is used not only for searching textual information. Here you can view various images and videos. Quite often there is a situation that, deciding to watch some movie, the man stumbles upon a strange problem. Failed to load the plugin what to do in this situation? How to solve this problem?

failed to load the plugin what to do

What is the plugin?

It is difficult enough to understand the essence of such a question, if you don’t understand what plugin that is, not to realize, what has stopped working.

A plugin is a word borrowed from the English language. It is a verb plug in, which can be translated as «to connect». Plug-ins are software modulesthat are connected to one main program.

Most people encountered the «failed to load plugin» when they tried to start a movie, audio track or some kind of app like games on the social network Vkontakte. The operation of all such programs depends on the plugins that become part of browsers.

What is the cause of the problem?

Of course, if the person is not a qualified computer technician (and even if there is), find out the exact reason could not load the plug-in is unlikely. However, it is possible to consider the most common variants.

Usually, if you try to enable the film got a similar inscription, it says that the browser software have not been updated. Typically, these updates occur independently, but only in the case if this feature has not been disabled manually. Thus, if the update was not very long ago, the plugin can be too old to work with modern programs.

This does not mean that the software for several years. Plug-ins and other such components capable to become obsolete in just two or three months. However, this is not the only cause of the problem. Sometimes they do not depend on the user, especially if we are talking about Opera. It is known for its instability in relation to the functioning of the plugins.

Also the root of the problems may be the blockage of memory and the deterioration of the health of the computer.

an outdated browser

What to do if you cannot download the plugin?

On the basis of possible causes, it is possible to understand what actions need to be taken to solve the problem.

First, you can just try to use another browser. For example, if the video is not included in Opera, it should work in Google Chrome, however it does not solve the immediate problem of the broken plug.

So, if you want to work on it in the browser gives an error, it is possible to start to try to recover it. This is done in two main ways.

Failed to load the plugin what to do:

  • You need to go to your browser settings, in this case Opera.
  • There you must select «About».
  • In this field write what browser you are currently using at the moment. If it is not the latest, you will be prompted to install the update.
  • Enough to agree to the installation and you’re done.

If you are unable to find the parameters, then download the latest version from the official site of the browser. To do this, just type in any search engine the name of the browser and the first link will lead to the official website.

Work with the plugin

If a new browser doesn’t work, or it was the latest version, then you can try to adjust work of the plugin.

  • To do this in the browser settings need to find item «Plugins».
  • Top right will be a button «Show details».
  • Clicking on it, you need to find the Flash Player plugin, which is of type PPAPI.
  • Plugin you must disable, and then disable the browser and re-enable it.

An important factor is where it stopped working plugin. If it only happens on one particular site, it may help to clear the cache.

How to clear the cache? The easiest way to do this using the free program CCleaner, which not only clears the cache, but will also remove cookies and other junk files. Usually, one clean computer this program is enough to restore the plugins.


What to do if nothing helps?

There are also critical situation when none of the above methods failed to solve the problem. In this case, you will have to reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

First and foremost, you must remove the old version of the program. This is done using the control Panel. After this will only download the new version from the official website of the developer. To find it, just write the name of the Adobe Flash Player in search box.

At the end of installation the program will offer automatic updates. You can choose an option with advanced warning of updates, but switch it off completely not worth it, otherwise the problem will quickly return.

update adobe


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