What a ray in mathematics and geometry

What is the beam? Most often this question is asked in schools on the lessons of geometry, and the concept is quite popular in optics. However, as often happens, the word has many meanings. It is necessary to dwell on the key.

what is the beam


In order to understand what the beam from the geometrical point of view, you need to consider one of the fundamental concepts of this science, namely, direct.

To give a definition of this term is very difficult, because it is one of the source and it is through direct explains other different words. There are quite a few axioms in this matter. However, direct can be seen as a line that is between two points.

Video has its own properties, according to Euclidean geometry.

  • Through any point can hold as many direct, but via two different point – only one.
  • Direct can only be in three States – they can intersect, be parallel to each other and can interbreed.
  • There is a linear equation specifies a line in the plane.

So, it is necessary to return to the concept of the beam. It is part of the straight. If such a line to make a point, you will automatically get two points, they will have another restricts them.

Thus, the beam is part of the straight, which has a beginning but has no end.


Light beam

Geometrical optics considers the concept of a light ray are very similar. Here he will also be a line, but it will be used light energy. In other words, the light beam is a light beam.

As the concept of straight line in geometry, so the concept of the beam in optics is a quite basic phenomenon. However, in contrast to the geometric beam of light does not have a clear direction due to diffraction. However, if the world is very large, then the discrepancy is commonly neglected. In this case it is possible to find a clear direction.

light beam

What is the beam?

In addition to the basic terms in the exact Sciences, this word denotes a variety of objects. For example, about seven sports clubs had such a name, and some of them still exist. Many villages and hamlets on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are also called Rays. Behind the court – and in this case the Beam is a brand of passenger ships as well as the whole class yachts.

These boats are single and are used for racing. Often they are used as a teaching device for children, but it held the competition.

There are other values. What is the Beam?

  • These words are said three Russian satellite relay.
  • In Udmurtia and the Urals region of the magazine with the same name.
  • Ray called the Union of nuclear industry.
  • With the same name are watch factory and Shoe factory in Minsk.
  • Ray is an alias of the Chuvash writer, the official whose name is Grigory Vasilyev.

the yacht beam

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