Divorce: before and after

For most couples the word «divorce» sounds like a death sentence. This is natural because, despite the many problems that led to this step, any pair of links a large number of things: habit, common life, common friends and relatives of the children. Divorce, of course, stress.

When a young couple marries, they usually think that it is forever and that divorce is in others. In addition, many dependent on the opinions of society and fear their condemnation.


To leave is to admit failure.

How can I do? How to understand the feelings, and on the verge of divorce to be sure in his step?

State before divorce

In today’s world many marriages are of convenience, based on the mutual benefit of the two people. In such marriages all pre-specified and legally certified in the form of a contract. Marriage contract in advance preparing escape routes in the event of divorce and provides benefits both spouses.

But the majority adheres to the classic family values, where married people who love each other or want to raise a child.

Such pairs of thoughts of divorce come when the level of passions in the family rolls. Then, when the scandal fails to repay, thoughts retreating to new outbreaks.

State before divorce and conflicts

If one day a thought arose, then eventually she will become the main, while will not grow to the extent of talking about divorce.

The solution to this situation is simple to banality: as soon as this thought appeared in my head, need to discuss with her husband, but on the sober, after the extinction of the conflict. To say that you no longer have to quarrel, as has already appeared a scary thought about divorce, but do not want to.

If you say it once, then the problem will have a snowball effect, where snowball is the idea of divorce. Such thoughts need time to discuss.

The divorce process started

If the couple came to this decision and started this difficult process, in this, as in any stressful situation, you need to be firm in expressing his / her emotions, not sinking to the scandals of the offense. The process is started – you need to keep your face.

The divorce is final and irrevocable

In any case, when making a divorce a couple is given time to think about his decision. And this is very true. Before making a of your every action, you need an informed decision.

Always the main thing – the understanding that in such a difficult situation would be a wrong step to put all the responsibility on one. Life in the pair responsible both.


What will happen to a person after a divorce? Someone is waiting for the onset of long-awaited freedom, but for someone becomes aware of his own loneliness.

Women need to realize one truth: all statements such as «You’re not going to need, a divorcee with a child», «Normal guys your age are all married» stuff is obsolete myths.

Life after divorce

Of course, they can become a reality if you clog the head, to dwell on them. But you should not do that.

A man after divorce will need to understand that everyone is different. Should not concentrate on his freedom and provide him with an inflated value, becoming a consumer in relationships with women.

No woman that appears in my life after a divorce, is not to blame for the previous debacle. Do not project a bad marriage into a new relationship.

If you understand and accept all these features, life after divorce can show unexpected and pleasant side.

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