Diaskintest what is it?

Early detection of a disease is the beginning of the treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the examination of his body. The most effective and efficient way of detecting such a widespread disease as tuberculosis, is Diaskintest. Want to learn Diaskintest — what is it? Then read our article!

Diaskintest — what is it?

what is Diaskintest

The Mantoux test is not perfect and efficient. Also it is not always possible to detect the presence of Bacillus in the human body in the early stages of infection. In contrast, Diaskintest is considered as the best method of diagnosing the presence of tuberculosis at first.

It represents a test sample, which is injected under the skin. With its help it is possible to observe the body’s reaction to some forms of tuberculosis. If the doctor noted a positive reaction, this indicates the need for treatment to tuberculosis is not passed into the active form. After a positive response shows that the human body already has a similar protein allergens, which means he’s infected.


How to conduct Diaskintest?

Enter the sample in the forearm using a special syringe. It is important to ensure that the doctor makes the sample left in the right hand and the right hand to the left. This is necessary in order to reduce mechanical irritation on the hand. Sometimes it happens that you need to do two samples in different hands at the same time.

The physician must warn the person it makes the sample that can scratch the injection of the sample impossible.

How often can I do the test?

On the recommendation of the Ministry of health, the sample is placed once a year to children aged 8 to 17 years. You should also pay attention to the following indicators:

  • at negative result the sample is put only after 2 months;
  • the interval between the vaccinations and other Diaskintest should be at least a month;
  • if you transferred infection, the test should be done in a month after recovery.


People who stand on the account in tubdispansere should put Diaskintest every six months. No training to conduct is not required. You can just make sure that you do not suffer from infectious diseases and not hurt them in the last month.

With regard to contraindications, they are the following:

  • illness with fever;
  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • epilepsy;
  • allergic reactions.

In the composition Diaskintest there are proteins of tuberculosis, which have been preserved in a special way. Can it with the phenol. Also includes Polysorbate, sodium chloride, sodium and potassium phosphate and water. Produce Diaskintest in Russia.


Where you can make Diaskintest?

The sample is held in schools, children’s clinics and kindergartens, TB dispensaries and TB institutes. You can always go to the local doctor and find out where and when you can do Diaskintest. The result can be positive, negative, and false positive. The norm is the absolute lack of reaction. There should be no redness or flaking and irritation. Reaction start tracking within 6 hours after sampling. If you only discovered an injection mark, it indicates a negative reaction. Also evidenced millimeter bruise and colorless seal. In the presence of a false positive result should contact the clinic and make chest x-rays. 2-3 months is re-Diaskintest. As for complications, this type of test does not give them. Very rarely intoxication, which is manifested headache and weakness. Do Diaskintest to check your health!

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