CRM system what is it?

With the development of technology has complicated all aspects of life, particularly relationships between people, especially when it comes to work. There is a new profession related to the selection of personnel, and resolution of various problems. Was invented and various systems. Many interesting, CRM system what is it?

crm system is what it is

Crew Resource Management

The acronym CRM has two key decryption. Their importance may seem somewhat similar, but we should also consider every interpretation.

CRM can be understood as Crew Resource Management, have management capabilities of the crew. For the first time this term was used in aviation, but it has gradually spread to all areas where mistakes employees can cause injury, death and real disasters.

About CRM know the members of the fire Department who serve on the ships and many others. They understand that this is a special method created for the training of personnel. Its essence not in some technical aspects. This technique focuses on the relationship between people within one team. It addresses issues of leadership and how the group take a variety of decisions.

The Creator of the technique the researchers from NASA. In the late seventies, they held a seminar where they announced the causes of most plane crashes. They believed that practically there is always the human factor, particularly the problems between people.

Crew Resource Management

The CRM application

A classic example of a situation in which personal relations have led to disaster is the tragedy of 1997 was held on the island of Tenerife. In the airport of Los rodeos collision of two B747 aircraft. This event, as before, is the largest plane crash.

The causes of the incident, of course, rooted in various aspects, but one of them was directly connected with the relations in the crew. The first and the second pilot did not pay any attention to the words of the recently adopted flight engineer, who believed that the band may be proprietary. The pilots felt that their experience is more important than the doubts of the worker, and the result was a disaster.

Since 1981, airlines have started to implement a CRM system, and after 8 years, the crash of 1989, it is possible to save many lives. Despite the fact that the accident happened, the Management capabilities of the crew was the reason that about two-thirds of the passengers were rescued.


What is CRM system?

Although the control capabilities of the crew was important, today people often use the acronym CRM in another way. It is possible to decipher Customer Relationship Management, that is translated into the Russian language as a System of customer relationship management.

Quite often you can hear a combination of «crm program», what is this? In the sphere of relations with clients CRM is software that is used by a variety of organizations. So they are trying to automate methods of communicating with customers and buyers. It is believed that this contributes to the increase in the number of sales and improve service. CRM program stores a variety of data about customers, suppliers and partners, and then analyzes them.


Why you need a CRM program?

The main purpose of using this system is increasing customer satisfaction. This is achieved through changes in tariffs and marketing based on the results of the data analysis.

The main advantage of this software is the ability to increase the efficiency in which the staff is almost not involved. This identifies nuances in customer needs and quickly provides various tips regarding further cooperation.

why you need a crm

Types of programs

Now that you’ve seen, crm system what it is, you should know what types of programs exist.

First and foremost, this software is shared by what it created. The system can be focused on sales, marketing, or it is used to process client requests, for example, in the call center.

The program also differs according to how deeply examines the received data. For example, the operating system takes into account the primary information. Considering analytical sales and results of promotional activities. The collaborative is focused on direct interaction between company and consumer. In particular, it can help people receive messages that they are interested in.

In the modern market programs customer relationships are presented in three key ways. The largest are considered, Sap and Oracle. There are others, but the bulk of the data falls on them.


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