Checked procedures for the growth and strengthening of nails

Hands is a visiting card of a woman, a great role is played by a beautiful manicure and long nails that will not break and flake. To achieve this result, in which the nail plate is growing rapidly and has a high strength, it is possible, and for this there are a lot of ways. But how to achieve this in a normal home, what tools and methods will help in achieving the goal?

Nail care

Effective masks

To improve the growth of the nail plate can different masks that can make every girl at home without spending a lot of money. Below you will find some of the best and popular methods that have stood the test of time.

Olive oil. This mask is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of butter mixed with a few drops of iodine and two spoons of lemon juice. Just keep in mind that the oil must be preheated, and only then to combine all components of this mask. The resulting composition is spread evenly on the nails and remove after twenty minutes. The result will be noticeable after several treatments.

Mask of bee wax Polish

Lemon juice. For the desired mixture it is necessary to connect the kitchen or sea salt with two tablespoons of lemon juice. The tool then massaged rubbed into the nail plate for a few minutes, then wash off. This method will help quickly and efficiently to give the nails strength and make them strong.

Beeswax. One of the most proven ways to quickly grow strong nails is to use beeswax. Usually, its melt in a water bath, after the necessary preparations down to the nails, keep your hands in the wax enough for a couple of minutes. Then the hands dipped in cold water, which contributes to solidification of the wax. Hand in this form to leave on while sleeping and in the morning the remains of the wax can be removed using warm water.

Baths for strengthening nails

Baths for nails

To strengthen and improve nail growth will help the bath, but only if you properly choose all the necessary ingredients. What components are needed and in what dosage?

Lemon. The lemon should be cut into slices, which are then filled with warm water. In the prepared bath should give up for twenty minutes.

Gelatin. To prepare this bath you need to mix half a tablespoon of gelatin with a glass of water brought to the boil. After about ten minutes, when the liquid has cooled, you need to give up in the tub. This procedure will make your nails very durable and grow them for a short time.

How to speed up nail growth

Olive oil. In a water bath heated three tablespoons of olive oil, but it is necessary to monitor the temperature, so it is not too rose and did not cause discomfort. The oil then immerse the nails for 15 minutes.

It is worth noting that little to ensure the rapid growth of the nail plate, it is necessary also to preserve and protect the nails from harmful effects. In fact, you need to follow a few simple rules and then you will be able to keep their nails nice and manicured.

Care of nails and hands

What do you need to do, you ask? These rules can be seen in the example of frequently asked questions that arise in women.

  • Is it possible to wear nail varnish? No nails need rest and they need a new influx of oxygen, so at least a couple of weeks in a year must be like without nail Polish.
  • Always use hand cream? Thus, the cream should be used constantly, even if you think that the skin of your hands and nails while it is not required.
  • You need to protect your hands with gloves? So, nails and skin need to constantly be protected from the harmful effects of the environment, cold, etc. Therefore, to ensure that nails did not break, it should be cold to wear gloves. Even when cleaning the house, too, should wear gloves, just rubber.
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