Caring for tomatoes

Tomatoes, like any plant, requires constant and proper care. If timely and sufficient watering, loosen the soil, fertilize and remove weeds to get a good crop, which will very much enjoy the owner. Need to be planted where it is Sunny and warm. The ground, of course, it is desirable to prepare in advance, to dig in the fall along with fertilizer (manure). Have potatoes to plant, tomatoes can become infected with late blight or brown rot.

How to grow tomatoes

Consider a few tips on caring for tomatoes.


Tomatoes do not need to pour water or dry up. When the primer dries, you need to add water, the land should not be dry. Tomatoes like drip irrigation or underground. Add water to ash, and they will be less sick. Always loosens when there is hardness of the earth.

Feeding and garter

It is desirable to feed three times per summer, but if you have the opportunity, every 2 weeks. Tomatoes like manure, but it must be diluted with water. Suitable cow dung or poultry litter.

Own tomatoes from the plot

To tie the well when the well Bush started to grow. Kill the rods from the North to forty cm in the ground, from tomatoes to ten cm to the side. The rod length should be a meter, a little more. Instead of twigs to tie the wire, pulling it in Mirage.

Ridging, shaping of bushes and weeding

Spud three times over the summer, the roots have to have air.

Or vytaplivaete regularly pluck the weeds. For this must follow from the beginning of planting until the end of productivity. You can remove the weeds if the hoeing is will facilitate work and save time.

Tomatoes in the garden

If you want a big harvest, then you need to shape the bushes, but not all varieties require. Want single stalk, remove the formed in the axils of the leaves stepchildren, don’t let them grow up to two inches. If you can not take the suckers from the tomato throw ovaries and flowers. In the formation of two stem, a side shoot remains. When three, it is still the largest, which is under the 2 stem. To break off the shoots better, pulling to the side. Do this regularly, but not in the heat, as the plant can get sick. When heavy rains or cold weather be sure pacenkaite and bottom of the leaves can be picked off so the plant warmed and breathed.

How to care for tomatoes


Tomatoes are very susceptible to various types of diseases and a lot of them, there are the most common, namely:

  • Late blight;
  • Mosaic;
  • Bacteriosis;
  • Necrosis of the stem;
  • Brown or dry spot;
  • Cladosporiosis;
  • White spot of leaves;
  • Grey or brown rot;
  • Black leg;
  • The root or apical rot;
  • Silver spots on the leaves.
  • Crackle fruit etc.

To avoid these diseases, you can take some preventive methods.

Own harvest of tomatoes from the garden

Disease prevention

  1. From blight will help the garlic spray, kefir, salt, milk iodine and ash.
  2. Not to sick plants mosaic the seeds before planting treated with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. From the vertex rot when planted in the hole, sprinkle a spoonful of saltpetre.
  4. When Botrytis need to disinfect the soil before planting.
  5. To grey leg, sprinkle the soil with sand and well loosens the soil.
  6. Spray with Bordeaux liquid you need at the first signs of Septoria blotch.
  7. A solution of copper sulfate from the brown spot.

To prevent problems with these diseases, after each harvest (in autumn), it is necessary to disinfect the soil with a solution of copper sulphate.

How to water and fertilize the tomatoes

In July you can enjoy the first tomatoes, harvest carefully, and take your bandwagon. The firstborn peel off brown, then the rest will ripen faster.

To yield, first Aug preview top of the plants and remove the flowers with no fruit, if this is done, the tomatoes already started, will grow stronger and will quickly ripen. But if the bushes have turned yellow, don’t do it.

Consider all these tips before planting tomatoes, your crop will surprise everyone around you and totally please you.

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