Can pregnant women watermelon?

Pregnancy dramatically changes the life of any woman. Not only that, you need to prepare for the birth of the new man, and has to give up different things. What expectant mothers should not drink or smoke, it is clear to all, but can pregnant women watermelon?

can pregnant women watermelon

This pumpkin plant has a number of useful properties, as well as factors for which many people avoid its consumption. It is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of watermelon, and learn about its features, associated with pregnancy.

The benefits of watermelon

Most people look forward to bocenago season to eat plenty of watermelon and cantaloupe. They are in large numbers eating the juicy red pulp, without thinking about the benefits or harm of this product. It is enough that it is very tasty.

However, as with any food, watermelon has its own specific properties. Some of them have a positive effect on the body, others negative, but the effect often differs from the original state of human health.

The pulp contains a variety of substances. For example, it is full of antioxidants, has carotene, vitamin C, thiamine, and other useful items. First today are paying much attention, as they protect the body from various harmful effects, particularly of the aging process.

In the composition of the watermelon are also highlighted:

  • Vitamins B and PP;
  • Magnesium,
  • Iron,
  • Manganese,
  • Potassium,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Sodium,
  • Iodine,
  • Cobalt and many other items.

These juicy fruits due to the high water content and diuretic properties allow to excrete the excess fluid, waste products, salts and toxins, as well as sand and stones from the kidneys. They help the digestive system, improving metabolism. Diuretic properties is the prevention of constipation, and the iron content will play into the hands suffer from anaemia.

Magnesium in the composition is beneficial for the kidneys and heart. It helps the absorption of potassium, calcium and some other substances. This maintains the optimum muscle work, improves the condition of the nervous system.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the watermelon can be very useful, but it allocates and taste great. However, what is the impact on the fetus in expectant mothers?


Can pregnant women watermelon?

The situation may be different (more discussed below), however, in most cases, there is a watermelon pregnant is a must. First and foremost, this is due to the high content of folic acid or vitamin B9. If the fetus will not get enough amounts of this element, there is a high probability that there will be deviations.

Damage have cherished the child may relate directly to RNA or DNA, so folic acid is extremely important for the future baby. In addition, it will help the mother to maintain skin condition, improve digestion and provide a cherished child the optimal amount of breast milk.

The saturation of the body other nutrients and a positive effect on the nervous system is a benefit that you can get from watermelon. Prevention of constipation is also often important for expectant mothers.

So, if this product has so many advantages, why does the question of whether pregnant watermelon? The fact is that, as with any food, there are a number of contraindications, especially important during the carrying a child.

eating watermelon

Possible harm to the watermelon

The reasons to limit (or even stop) the consumption of this culture lies in two key aspects. In the first place, pregnant, it is important that the food they eat was natural. Hardly anyone doubts that the modern watermelons stuffed with nitrates and other additives that improve their external quality, but not good for the body.

Fortunately, to avoid such wells chemicals is quite real. To do this:

  • To buy watermelons only in season;
  • To be able to choose the right fruit.

Of course, all this will not guarantee that the selected watermelon will be filled with nitrates, but the risk will decrease.

What should pay attention to when buying:

  • If the tapping turns out sounds like a deflated ball, a bit muffled, then it’s defective product.
  • Good watermelons compression a little potreskatsya.
  • The natural pulp is heterogeneous, it would not have a smooth red color.
  • Flat cut is also a sign of chemical watermelon.
  • Finally, the yellow streaks – also a reason to leave the fruit on the side.

When watermelon is purchased, you can quickly and easily check it for harmful substances. It’s enough to put a piece in plain water. The flesh is filled with chemicals that will color the liquid. Pregnant women cannot eat this product.

However, even if the watermelon is completely natural, it can deteriorate in the heat, under the influence of microbes. So before use it must be washed, and you can not buy pieces or halves. Whole watermelon, cut house, you need to eat during the day.

the choice of watermelon

In some cases, pregnant women can’t drink watermelon

There are a number of situations where mothers have to abandon the cotton aphid culture, even if it is fresh and natural. First and foremost, it will have to do womenwho suffer from allergies to watermelonwith individual intolerance. In addition, there are other contraindications.

  • The pulp contains large amounts of fructose and sucrose that can be dangerous for people suffering from diabetes.
  • If the kidneys are sick, they can not unnecessary just to load excessive outflow of fluid.
  • Diuretic properties may be a negative factor in pregnancy, especially in the end of the term. In the case where the child strongly presses on the bladder and its contents (which happens quickly when eating watermelon) will lead to strong discomfort.
  • The combination of watermelon with other types of food often causes bloating and other problems in the intestine.
  • This culture helps with the swelling, common in pregnancy, but not if they are caused by preeclampsia. This diagnosis will become an obstacle to consumption.

Thus, the watermelon can be useful for pregnant and harmful. A few simple rules will help to minimize possible negative effects.

Remember, buying watermelon during pregnancy?

First, any such issue should be discussed with your doctor. On the basis of the personal characteristics he finds out whether a particular pregnant woman to eat watermelon. The specialist will pay attention to the condition of the kidneys, bladder and presence of diseases that may be contraindications.

Despite the fact that this plant is delicious and low calorie, it is not necessary to lean on him. It is best to observe moderation – this will help to avoid problems because of the watermelon. Finally, you should buy only high-quality fruit sold in the middle of the season, with a minimum amount of nitrates and other chemicals.

watermelon pregnancy

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