Billboards what is it?

Advertising is firmly established in a person’s life. She is almost everywhere – pictures in magazines, posters in stores, commercials on TV, banners on the Internet. Not lost its popularity and outdoor advertising, for which the question may arise «billboards what is it?»


What is a Billboard?

If the answer is simple, the billboards is the billboards. It is difficult to find a person who never ran across them. Huge posters tower over the tracks, stand on poles in the middle of the streets. In most cases, this is created for drivers and their passengers. The large size of the shield allows you to consider the information from afar.

It would seem that is is a sad element of modernity is directly connected to the TV and other media. In fact this method of delivering information appeared long ago, in the times of Ancient Egypt. However, then on these boards wrote about the award that people were willing to pay for the capture of any fugitive.

Directly to the spread of billboards had a more simple analog – poster. They appeared once at the end of the eighteenth century Johann Alois Senefelder invented lithography.

The most popular posters received when there is a need in the advertising circus. When the world is flooded and the vehicles were billboards.


Decoding and classification

It is not surprising that people are concerned about, that is, billboards. This term is also borrowed from the English language. It was created in the US after the first posters were placed on a wooden structure. The English word poster or ad can be translated as bill, and some Board board will. And turned the billboard concept, later it’s in Russian language.

Billboards vary in number of sides, which is a variety of information. Bright picture can only be on one side, and maybe on the back. Often billboards are made in the form of a triangle, then the is located on three sides. Quite rare, but do occur and four-sided shields.

As a rule, the size of the poster is 6x3 meter, although in the United States and there are particularly large options in excess of 18×6.

Billboards can be either one piece construction and dismantle. There are a kind of transformers. Any kind can put the right of the road, face-to-moving machines or the left or in the middle. It is obvious that the location thing is a lot more expensive as there is the eyes of the people.


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