Backgammon rules

Almost everyone knows how to play checkers, chess and a number of other popular Board games. No less famous and backgammon, which are also called backgammon, backgammon, tavla, and other names. However, few can boast that they know the rules of backgammon.

Like many such things, this Board game appeared in the times of Ancient Egypt. Its ancient analogue is Senet, which belonged to racing type. Besides him, there was a game of Ur in Mesopotamia, and another similar researchers found in Iran.

The most direct predecessor is considered to be Ludus duodecim scriptorum. The name of this game from Ancient Rome can be translated as «game of twelve signs». In it, as in modern backgammon, used the chips, the movement of which was determined by roll of the dice.

Kind of analogues can list quite a long time, but their roots will always be East. Despite this, the modern rules were developed in Europe. They were invented by Edmond Hoyle, who in the mid eighteenth century lived in England.

the rules of the Gris in Nardi

How to play backgammon?

To date, there are two methods of backgammon. More classical, but also old called «Long backgammon». This method was developed in the East. A more modern version, created by Edmond Hoyle, is called «backgammon».

Despite its age, this game remains quite popular, it holds tournaments on a global scale. The favorites are the players of Azerbajan. They often win the arc de Golden bones. In order to try to reach the heights, it is necessary, first, to understand how to play backgammon.

For this it is necessary to understand the in-game inventory. Outside a wooden playing field, in the folded state that resembles the box from classic chess. However, the game will take place both on the inner side of this field.

  • Here, on metal, inscribed elongated isosceles triangles adjacent to the sides of the grounds. Their length can reach half of the Board. These triangles are called points, which are numbered from one to twenty-four.
  • To people it was easier to count the item numbers odd and even have different colors.
  • Six triangles with one edge of the Board call home. Black and white checkers have every your home.
  • The vertical line in the center of the bar. In Short Backgammon to the transfer of embossed checkers of the opponent.
  • Both players have fifteen checkers, although sometimes they can be smaller.
  • In the game process includes at least one pair of bones, which are called ZAR.

Backgammon rules are different, and not only in the existence of Long and Short option. You should start with the basics, and then, if you wish, moving onto more complex maneuvers.


Backgammon rules for beginners

One of the major differences between Long and Short backgammon is that in short «the enemy» chips, under certain conditions, are removed from the Board. In addition, the color does not affect the direction they move the same way.

The rules of the game in the Long backgammon

The main goal of gameplay is to move all checkers into the house. The one who succeeds first, wins. If a person plays black, then it needs to hold them to the points from first to sixth. If his pieces are white, they should be items from the thirteenth to the eighteenth towards the player black.

The party starts with the fact that the opponents play the first move. This is done by throwing the dice – the winner is the one whose number is larger. After that, all pieces move in the «head» field, that is, twenty-four. With the head you can remove one checker per turn. The only exception is placing the double on the first move. In this case, it allowed the withdrawal of two checkers.

All players will move their pieces in the same manner. This is done in turns, counterclockwise. In result checkers must go full circle to get home. All moves begin with the throw of dice, and the dice must fall on one half of the Board. If they have not been able to go steadily, or one of the dice do not hit the Board, the throw is repeated.

Number, which is indicated by the dice determines how far you will move the sword. Even if the figure is disadvantageous to the player, he is obliged to spend on the unit in each cell. Readings each dice determines the movement of a single checker. Accordingly, the first can be shifted by four cells, and the second – three.


The subtleties of the game in the long backgammon

So, the basic gameplay consists in moving the checkers in a clockwise direction until, until they get home. This means that white must pass from paragraphs 13-18 before 7-12 and black need to go from 1-6 to 19-24.

During the game, it is important to remember several points.

  • Each item can be indefinitely checkers.
  • Only in the most extreme cases, you can take into consideration the testimony of one cube. In another, even if it is unprofitable, you must complete the full course.
  • If the valid combinations, the player loses a turn.
  • The opponent should not create figures from a barrier, through which the opponent will not be able to reach. The exception is the situation when ahead of this barrier are the figures of the enemy. As a rule, allowed a block of six checkers, but not fifteen.

A brace that allows you to remove two checkers from the head, it’s only three combinations. The first two sixes, the second two fours, and finally, the third two triples. There are many other intricacies of the game in the Long backgammon, as well as the rules of backgammon, but for someone unfamiliar with the game, enough to start to understand what is described above.


Video instruction

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