Baby box that is

Baby box is a special equipment in the form of a container, which is located at a medical facility. Here you can leave your children mothers for whom the child is not wanted and necessary. It’s kind of a rescue for unwanted children, because after the failure of the mother, they fall in the hands of medical personnel and under strict supervision of specialists. Previously heartless mommy» thrown away children in garbage cans, was left on the doorstep of the medical institution where the child could just die of cold and hunger. Many people are interested in the baby box it and why, that is why created this article.

baby box that is

Baby box is similar to a large window which can be opened and put in his child. There is no security, no surveillance cameras, so everything is the most private and secure for the child and his mother. As soon as he will be in the box, the door will lock within 30 seconds and the child was immediately transferred to a medical facility. The child does not have to be there for hours, literally within minutes after him will come the experts and move in a more comfortable environment for his life. Will also be given first aid if need.

Why you need a baby box

Baby box is designed specifically for those women who this child is complexity in life that are not able to provide it with all necessary. It’s also a great way for women who just are unable to get rid of the fetus by abortion. Today is a great opportunity to give the baby in good hands absolutely confidential, not having difficulties and problems with the law. With one hand baby box is saving for some children and mothers, but on the other hand, thanks to him, we will see a greater percentage of child abandonment.

baby boks for children

Giving birth to baby, most women simply can not because of their maternal instincts to leave your child in the street or throw up under someone’s house, in the hope that they would give him custody. Also not everyone wants to spread her dishonesty, leaving the child in the hospital. As a result, children may still be in your own family, and eventually becoming essential and loved.

But if we consider modern possibilities and baby box is a guarantee that with the child happens nothing, that the baby will be under the supervision and soon will find a new family. This will only encourage minors and indecent for women to take such a step, thinking that in such circumstances their child will be happy. But is it really? Can the child find comfort in the society of strangers? Here is another question.

The benefits of baby box

  • Easy. To abandon the baby still in the hospital, you need to sign a lot of documents, listen to the advice of doctors. With baby box it’s easier enough to put the baby in a container and away from the place of «crime», the kid in a few minutes will pass into the hands of medical personnel.
  • Anonymity. Complete privacy is guaranteed, because the baby box there are no cameras, no security.
  • The removal of responsibility. Due to the fact that everything is anonymous, no responsibility the mother will not bear.
  • Salvation for the child. Opportunity to get into the right hands and with the birth completely change your destiny.
  • Maximum safety for the baby. When the mother is not able to provide the child with everything necessary, the baby-box is the best option, because the concern on the part of health workers will be provided.

The disadvantages of baby-box

  • The removal of responsibility from dishonest women.
  • The increase in failures from kids.
  • The upbringing of the child by strangers.
  • Violation of moral values.
  • Deciding the fate of the child by the hands of a loved one.
  • The increase in the number of orphans.

Today there are many disputes as to whether baby boxes in our country, and what dangers they can cause to a young child’s life. Actually, if you consider getting rid of the baby by abortion or throwing in the trash, baby boxes is indeed a real salvation for the baby.

It can be noted a lot of comments and reviews about innovative services, and they are all different from each other. The majority still believes that the baby box is a new life for abandoned children, in terms of medical personnel, and then in the orphanage these children would be better than the family of the parents, they don’t need. These children are assigned to special bodies that will help to ensure that the kids were orphaned with living parents as soon as possible, and soon found a new favorite family in which will reign love and the world.

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