Autism what is it?

Modern medicine does not stand still. A huge number of diseases that a century ago was considered a death sentence are now cured taking a couple of pills. However, in place of one of the other pathologies come, and before the medicine as before, there’s a lot of questions. People wonder what is autism? This disease, unfortunately, is not as rare as would be desirable.

what is autism

What is autism?

Autism is a complex disorder that is caused if the human brain happened serious violations. The result is a person has significant difficulties with communication and social interaction. The disease is characterized by a very small number of interests and a pathological desire for any repetitive action. For example, people try again and again to sort some items, like bricks or designer.

Often the question «what is autism?» ask young mothers who have less than three years ago had a baby. The main symptoms manifested in children, although these symptoms are not talking about autism. Can be other autistic spectrum disorder.


The causes of the disease

As in most similar conditions, the causes of autism remain not fully elucidated. It is known that the disease is directly connected with genes that are responsible for the development of synaptic connections. The synapse is the place where two neurons connect. Thus the nerve impulse is transmitted from one cell to another.

Why is a disruption in the genes remains unknown. Some believe that the role played by harmful substances that can cause birth defects such as autism. Another theory that has no evidence related to child vaccination.

Scientists do not know not only about the causes of disease, but also about its development. It is known that the disease is accompanied by various changes in the brain, but how these changes occur remains a mystery. However, this does not prevent most parents notice abnormalities in your child even during the first two years of his life.


What to do when autism?

Not knowing the reasons for the development of the disease, it is impossible to create a cure for her. Unfortunately, the autism, which continues to spread, cannot be cured until the end. However, parents should not despair. If the pathology was diagnosed, that is, at an early stage, the child is quite possible to help.

By complex effects that require parents the huge amount of effort and patience, you can help your child learn to interact with society. Not all children are able with age to become completely independent, however, such cases are known.


A feature of the disease

In itself, autism is considered a pathology of the nervous system, but very often the disease does not manifest itself in physiological terms. To notice something was wrong sometimes only possible with the child’s behavior and various reactions.

A large number of people continue intensified efforts to find a cure for autism, but there are individuals who believe that it is not a disease at all. They see autism as a kind of alternative state of a person that does not need to be treated.

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