Astigmatism what’s this

Every man wants to have his eyes and vision were fine. But in practice not so good. Most people have something or other ophthalmologic disease. One of them is the astigmatism – that is, it is possible to treat and to prevent the emergence of, try to understand.

Astigmatism what's this

Astigmatism is

One of the most common visual disorders is astigmatism. Translated from Latin, means «lack of point focus». It occurs with farsightedness and nearsightedness.

In a healthy person the lens with the cornea of the eye are absolutely equal. And the development of astigmatism their sphericity is violated. The curvature can be different. Accordingly, in various parts of the cornea, the power of refraction is different, and passing through it the light rays are distorting the image in front of us. Partially focuses the image on the retina, and part of it is in front of or behind her. Therefore, the person sees the image clear and blurred.

Causes of astigmatism

Before you start to treat any disease is you need to determine its causes. The main cause of astigmatism is a deformity of the cornea or lens. The cornea takes the shape of a melon. Passing through the cornea light rays focus image on the retina occurs in several places, whereas in a healthy eye, it must be focused at one point. Therefore, we do not see a clear outline of the subjects.


As the disease can develop in the setting of hyperopia or myopia the opposite.

Signs of the disease

Astigmatism is hereditary. Therefore, the first signs can appear in young children. They Shurat eyes, complain of tiredness after exertion they can blush. Noticing these signs in your baby, parents should immediately take him to a ophthalmologist.

Also, if you have parents or close relatives diagnosed with astigmatism, the child should have to undergo annual medical examination. Because without proper treatment children astigmatism leads to such disturbance of vision in which its correction is impossible.

The main signs of astigmatism include:

  1. The curvature of the contours of objects.
  2. Even in the case of minor loads on the eyes, it starts doubling.
  3. Headaches outstanding character.
  4. Eye fatigue.

We distinguish three periods of the disease:

  • Weak – where vision decreases by 1 diopter. Usually special treatment is not granted.
  • Medium to high – significant loss of vision that requires medical intervention.

Types of astigmatism

The following types of diseases:

  1. Simple hypermetropic, the main Meridian is broken farsightedness, while the other remains unchanged.
  2. The complex is characterized by hyperopia hyperopic Meridian of both eyes to varying degrees.
  3. Simple myopic – the main Meridian broken myopia, and the second remains unchanged.
  4. Complex myopic – both Meridian nearsighted.
  5. The mixed type. In this case, the principal meridians are observed simultaneously and the signs of hyperopia and myopia.

what is astigmatism

Degree of astigmatism

One of the main criteria that a doctor will consider when choosing treatment is the development of astigmatism. It is accepted to allocate 3 degrees of the disease:

  1. Weak (less than 3 diopters) is the most common degree that responds well to treatment and adjustment.
  2. Medium (3 to 6 diopters). It is forbidden to use for vision correction glasses. Allowed to use contact lenses or the surgery or vision correction with a laser.
  3. High (more than 6 diopters) is the result of gross changes that occur in the cornea. Ophthalmologist for treatment will prescribe the use of special contact lenses or a combination of correction by the laser and surgical.

The danger of astigmatism

Noticing the first signs of the disease, some people refuse to visit an ophthalmologist. And in vain. In case of refusal of treatment, the person may experience pain in the eyes and headache. Especially hazardous child astigmatism. Children who do not receive treatment can be significantly reduced vision and even develop strabismus.

the treatment of astigmatism

Prevention of astigmatism

It is no secret that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. It’s the same with astigmatism. Prevention of this ailment is quite simple – you just need to alternate hard work with relaxing eyes.

It is important that your workplace had good lighting. The ideal location of the light source on the left or in front. Make sure that the lighting in the room should be uniform. Because when you looked with a bright area on a darker, our eyes get tired very quickly.

Prevention of astigmatism

Correction of the disease

Discovering you have astigmatism, the doctor will recommend the method of its correction with the use of eye or contact lenses.

In the first case, use a special «complex» points. They are cylindrical lenses. But they will not work with a high degree of astigmatism.

For vision correction prescribe contact lenses, which are more convenient to use than glasses. As for the treatment of astigmatism, there are toric lenses special.

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