Astigmatism what is it?

Medicine, roughly on a par with quantum physics are a very complex science. It abounds with a huge variety of terminology, and the scientific name even the simplest disease may seem like a complicated foreign word. Many wonder, astigmatism what is it?

astigmatism what's this


The word astigmatism has two basic meanings. Under this concept may be hiding a kind of error in the optical system, the so-called aberration. In this case, the astigmatism would be a mistake, at which point off-axis is going to be two straight lines that are perpendicular to each other.

This happens if the rays in the beam not connected at the points of meridional or sagittal foci. In more simple terms, astigmatism is associated with the refraction of the rays and how they fall.


Astigmatism – what is it?

More often the word is used in a clinical environment. So, what is this astigmatism? This is a definite defect appears due to disturbances in the crystalline lens, the cornea or the eye in General. Ultimately, this leads to the fact that the patient ceases to see clearly. Glasses and lenses can not always help to cope with the situation, the treatment of astigmatism is very important.

Running form can result from strabismus or severe loss of vision. While you may have headaches and also discomfort in the eyes.

Due to physiological disorders the light rays no longer converge in a certain place of the retina, as they did in the healthy eye. For this reason, the person is not able to see vertical lines or, conversely, the horizontal, although there are problems with the diagonals.



As a rule, the disease manifests itself at a very young age. Along with her appears and nearsightedness or farsightedness, which are now the diseases are common enough.

Already during the first years of a child’s life may appear astigmatism. To reflect on the development of pathology can be reduced vision and distortion of objects. In particular, they can bifurcate. The eyes quickly get tired, there are headaches.

The doctors are able to identify the disease using a special shadow tests. To do this, make a solution of atropine and conducting the so-called skiascopy.

There is a simple way to know if someone of astigmatism. You can use right at home. On the sheet of paper you want to portray a dark parallel bands. If they rotate the person will find that the lines become blurred, then re-acquire clarity, then he has astigmatism.



As a rule, the impact on the disease is limited to special astigmatic lenses, which can be in the form of glasses, and contact lenses. In rare cases, the doctor recommends surgery. It is only possible if no eyes no other abnormalities, especially in the form of scars. Usually the treatment is through laser correction.

Pay attention to important astigmatism since childhood, as if not detected early, vision will fall, but to fix it to the end will be impossible.

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