As word convert to PDF (WORD to PDF)

The PDF is a certain standard that is commonly used in publications of various important or official documents. It is used for business letters, resumes, price lists and other documents. This is due to the fact that then, the document can be viewed in any text editor, regardless of where it was created. Also the use of this format avoids errors that sometimes occur during formatting of the document. Therefore, working with important documents you must know how to translate word in PDF? Consider the most simple and common ways.

As word convert to PDF using the built-in features of Word

For those who use versions of Word 2010 or 2013 available this method of conversion:

  1. In the open file, locate the File tab and create a new window.
  2. Finding the field «file Types», select «Create PDF document», then click «Save as PDF».
  3. In the next step select «Create PDF / XPS.
  4. You will see a dialog box, where you enter a new file name and determine where it will be after saving.
  5. After entering the necessary parameters, press «Publish».

Using plugin Word 2007

This method will benefit those who have installed Word 2007. The order of action in this case would be:

  1. Open the document you wish to convert and click «File».
  2. Here it is necessary to find and choose settings that help word to convert to PDF and enter an appropriate file name.
  3. After all settings are selected, just click «save» to a word to alter in the PDF.

The use of the services online

Using any search engine, you can easily find on the Internet a lot of services that offer vordovsky document convert to PDF. One such affordable and popular service is Google Docs. So you can use it to transfer word to pdf, follow this algorithm:

  1. Opening Google Docs, find the download button, the item «Files».
  2. Select and open the document that you want to convert.
  3. After downloading the selected document, click on it.
  4. Entering the menu «File» select «Save as», where you will see a list of matching options from which to choose.

The use of special programs

In addition to Internet online services, there are special programs which give the ability to convert word to pdf. These programs require installation on your PC. One of such programs is Open Office. To find and download it on the Internet. After installation, double click on the icon to start the program. Next, the procedure would be:

  1. In the open program, select the source document you want to translate into PDF.
  2. In the menu «File» select «Export as PDF».
  3. Select and enter the desired file name and click OK. The file will be converted.

Tips and warnings

If you choose the online services to transfer word document to pdf, you should take into account that occasionally the Internet can happen different glitches and problems. So before starting, make a backup copy of the document.

Each of the above methods can be used for a standard document. If your file has complex formatting, then during conversion may be a partial loss of data. Therefore, to convert important documents it is better not to use the online services.

Video instruction

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