As Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10

Every user wants on the computer has the latest operating system. To date, the latest version of Microsoft is Windows 10. So many people want to know how Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10.

os Windows 10

To update or reinstall?

You want to have on your laptop or computer has installed Windows 10? Then you should know that this can be achieved in several ways. You can remove the previous version of Windows and install the new one on a clean computer.

A full reinstall will be helpful for those who have to drive many unnecessary programs that slow down your system. The file is copied slowly, the game will fail. In this case, the best solution will be to reinstall the operating system. You get Windows 7 and then install on the computer Windows 10.

Windows 10 laptop

Who can receive the update?

If you want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10 for free, remember that this is only possible if you have the license of the operating system. You gotta be the disk with holograms and other distinctive signs that say that you bought Windows 7 and not downloaded a pirated version on the Internet.

os Windows 7

Start the updates

To start the update follow these simple instructions:

  1. Check automatic updates. It should be included
  2. Wait until the system prompts you to update. At the bottom of the monitor flashed a note about an available update. Look at the area next to the clock, not to miss this moment
  3. Click on the icon with the proposal to update and follow the instructions on the screen. Press «Agree» and «Next», moving forward


After that, the update should begin. Remember that this is a long process. Sometimes users wishing to Windows 10, there is a very long queue. Be prepared to wait from several hours to several days. You can leave email address to be notified when a new version happens.


Utility 10 Windows Installation Media Creation Tool

Updating with this program is much faster than in the first case. You need to download the tool Installation Media Creation Tool from Microsoft official website. Select the operating system that you are running at the moment.

It will ask what you want to do? Feel free to choose the option «Update computer now» and click «Next». This will begin the download of Windows 10 and create the media with the operating system. During this time, you can easily continue to use the computer in normal mode.


In the end, your computer will be running Windows 10. If the new system does not suit you, within one month, you can always undo actions and to return to the initial version. If after upgrading the computer starts to complain about the lack of disk space, delete the folder called Windows.old. But in this case, the return to an older version would be impossible.

Users of «Seven» will simply adapt to version number ten. The developers have analyzed all the flaws of Windows 8 and back to desktop with the «start» button. But here you will see a new industry is a menu in the form of tiles. If he seems uncomfortable, you can always clean up with just a few clicks away.


Previously, the update was quite difficult, and the system gave an error. Now manufacturers fixed all the bugs and the transition to Windows 10 was simple and straightforward.

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