As the Incentive to change the language

One of the most common problems beginners in Steam, there is a change of language in the programme. This is due to the fact that it defaults to English. And for those users who are not familiar with the language, it may become an obstacle when using the gaming platform. Therefore, we consider how the Incentive to change the language?

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As the Incentive to change the language when installing the program

Steam (Steam) gaming platform, which is compatible with Windows environment. Therefore, just as when installing any other programs for Windows, the user has the option of choosing a language. At the time of installation you will see a window that asked to select your interface language: Russian, English, etc.

As the Incentive to change the language when installing the program

So that later during the game, you don’t have to constantly go to settings to switch to another language and make the game interface more intuitive.

How to change the language after installing the program

If you are on installation step missed the point of choosing a suitable language or in the result of the work of the platform there have been changes of operation parameters, it is possible in manual mode to change the language. To do this, follow these steps:

As the Incentive to change the language after installing the program

  1. If you have never made changes to the client configuration, every time after booting the computer gaming platform steam will open automatically. In the system tray, find the icon and click on it opening the program.
  2. Left in a corner find the words «Steam», then enter the «Settings».
  3. You will see a menu where on the left side you would find the tab «Interface». It needs to be open.
  4. At the top of the page you can see the inscription «Select the language…». Under this inscription there is a line that you want to deploy. Below you will see a list of available languages. Select the one that suits you the most. Confirm your choice by pressing OK.
  5. You will see a message prompting you to restart the game platform.
  6. To do this, click on «Restart Steam» and allow system to restart Steam. After the opening, programs will have a Russian interface.

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How to change language in a single game

Most applications that are purchased through programs that support multiple languages. After you change the language in the main interface of the program, the user thereby sets the language in all games. Therefore, running the incentive program that most first English. But there are also games for which it is necessary to conduct manual settings.

Regardless of the interface, it is possible to change the game language. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Steam account by entering personal information.
  2. Use the menu «Search», search for a game.
  3. Click «Properties». In the English version, this option is called Settings.
  4. Open the languages tab, change «Language» (Language).
  5. In the menu, locate and select the desired language.
  6. To save, click the OK button.

In some cases, the game developers did not foresee its use in the Russian language. In such cases, you need to either study the English version, or wait until the updated version in the Russian language.

the game to the incentive

The transition to other languages will be similar. An obstacle can only be complete ignorance of the source language. Indeed, in this case, you will not be able to understand the meaning of the inscriptions, which marked buttons.

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