How to spell like that

From time to time while writing, some people have the question: «How do you write separately or with a hyphen»? This is especially important when writing a report or formal letter. You must agree that look uneducated do not want anyone. What determines the spelling of the word? Is there any difference in meaning?

How to spell like that

What does the rule of the Russian language

According to the rules of the Russian language, both spellings of this word exist. Therefore, to talk about misspelling separate or deinega, need based meaning and context of the use of these words.

The writing somehow with a hyphen

If the word «like» acts as a pronominal adverb in the infinitive form, there is no option, the share should be written with a hyphen. Remember the school rule: «particles, and with adverbs hyphenated». Various options for the use of the adverb consider specific examples.


  • Example: «one weekend my friends and I decided to go for a walk in the nearest forest».

In this context, «once» can be replaced by the word «once».

  • Example: «Despite the cloudy weather, it was hot outside».

In this case, the word «how» appears in the designation of measures or extent of the condition. «Somehow» is used in this example, means very, very, very hot.

  • Example: «unnatural rose high in the sky bird.»

This context the use of the word «like» means similar.

  • Example: «In the artist’s Studio you can find different paintings such as landscapes, still lifes and portraits of famous people.»

Here the word «as» is used as an introduction, followed by an enumeration, which reveals the primary meaning of the word «picture». In this example, it can still be replaced with the phrase «namely».

man writes

  • Example: «once the children decided to go Hiking».

In this case, we see the phrase says «once». In this case, «somehow» will always be written with a hyphen.

  • Example: «the Girl was represented by her outfit as something else».

This example uses the colloquial version of the word «as», which should be written with a hyphen.

how to write-how-to

Separate spelling words like that

If in your proposal you must use the Union «as» and with it is used a demonstrative pronoun neuter «it», write the two words should be separate from each other.

Example: «Out on the porch, you can see a building with a Gothic roof, which has a Museum and a store where every day we buy fresh bread.»

In this sentence we can see the composite Union «as», «and» together with the demonstrative pronoun «that.»

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