As for the laptop to go to BIOS?

Most users do not necessarily understand how in the laptop to go to BIOS. A similar question may arise for experienced people, more or less versed in such technology. If you decide to delve into such firmware for fun or for the sake of interest, we can unwittingly harm the device lead to irreparable problems and changes.

as for the laptop to go to BIOS

Set in the BIOS must have very clear, meaningful purpose as well as the necessary knowledge about the essence of this software and its capabilities.

What is a BIOS?

This acronym stands for Basic input/output System. If you translate it into Russian language, you get «base system input / output«. The common name was derived by transliteration when this happened and russifitsirovannye. If the pronunciation was absolutely accurate, the program would be called the Bajocian and not the BIOS. Also sometimes used reducing translation BSVV.

Regardless of what name is used is a set of firmware that enable a computer, notebook and various connected devices to function.

The BIOS is part of system software. Usually, it means something that is in the motherboard, but the firmware are also present in the peripheral devices. In addition, allocate NetBIOS.

The software starts to function long before the device becomes fully enabled. In General, we can distinguish a number of appointments of the BIOS.

  • He checks the condition of all equipment;
  • Makes loading the operating system;
  • Provides an API that the equipment can work;
  • Produces installation.


Stages of work the BIOS

Almost immediately after pressing the power button of the computer or laptop, the control is passed to the firmware. First, the BIOS:

  • Runs the POST, which stands for power-on self-test. The result is a check of all systems.
  • After that, the program reads settings from a persistent storage device.
  • These settings are then.
  • The next step is to search for and download code OS loader.
  • When this is completed, control is passed directly to the loader.

A huge part of the work of BIOS associated with a variety of devices that are related to the motherboard. On them the program drew attention in POST process. In that case, when the result of checking an error is detected, that is, a failure occurs, the BIOS displays the information about what caused such.

If the software is unable to display the appropriate message, it emits a special beep. Their duration, the tone and style often vary among manufacturers.

When there are no errors, start the operating system. In addition to the master boot record, this process may occur and with flash or regular drive. It is widely used want to change operating system or reinstall Windows. But of course the BIOS is needed not only for this.


In some cases, you may need to sign in?

The BIOS gives you the opportunity to carry out a number of great settings. In its menu there are various items, here are some of them:

  • Working with date and time on the system clock;
  • The launch of the system for acceleration, or, conversely, to complain;
  • Connect and disconnect equipment connected to the motherboard.
  • The change in the functioning of the POST. The removal of some of the tests enables faster loading, but this can not be seen serious problems;
  • Working with loaders of the operating system that need to reinstall Windows.

Due to the fact that the software can make major changes that can damage the functioning of computer or laptop, the BIOS is equipped with a system rollback. To do a factory reset in several ways. In particular, this is done within the program, or uses a special key combination during the boot process the BIOS.

reinstall windows

As for the laptop to go to BIOS?

The process of incorporating the BIOS on the laptop does not have fundamental differences from its launch on the computer. The essence will always be the fact that you need to press the right button until is POST.

The main problem is that these checks happen very quickly. In connection with this, experienced users are not waiting for a clear seconds, when you need something to click. They just repeatedly click on the appropriate button from the very beginning of the process to enable the device.

Thus, the answer to the question, how the laptop to go to BIOS, is only what you must press to activate the program. On the computer it almost always is Del, while the device it might be different.

True button often varies depending on the manufacturer. It is necessary to consider well-known brands to find out exactly how they are logging on.

  • On laptops from the Toshiba BIOS is launched by pressing F1 or Esc.
  • Model brand Acer used F1, F2, and sometimes it is enough to press Esc, Ctrl, and Alt.
  • Working with laptops, the person must either re-use F1or F12. Also sometimes starting is by simultaneously pressing Fn and F12.
  • Those whose devices released by Samsung, you can use the button F2.
  • She needs to be a priority and the owners of the Asus, but also it is possible to combine F2 with the Ctrl.

On some other laptops, like a Compaq or eMachine, can be used the F10 button, F3 or Del. Almost any manufacturer is first to try to press F1, F2 or Esc, and then sort through the remaining options.

the laptop BIOS

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