As for Tele2 to borrow

Every month the number of subscribers of cellular operator Tele2 is growing rapidly. The reason is simple – the company offers their clients great rates and a huge range of different services. In order to be able to use cellular communication is necessary to regularly replenish your account. But there are situations when the money suddenly ran out, and you need to make an important call. In such a situation comes to the aid of the service «Promised payment». As for Tele2 to borrow?

As for Tele2 to borrow

For whom is this service and how to Tele2 to borrow

The service «Promised payment» is intended for those who find themselves in a situation when at the moment there is no possibility to replenish your mobile account, and stay connected need. It is a loan for a certain amount credited to your balance. Provided the loan is for a fixed term, usually it’s 3-10 days.

The exact date and the maximum amount will depend on the region in which the subscriber resides and the period during which he enjoys the room.

Before you can use the option «Promised payment» it is necessary to check if it is available for your tariff package. Sometimes clients who are customers of the company for more than 4-6 months, it is connected automatically.

service promised payment

To check if you are eligible to take a loan from Tele2, dial the following key combination *122# and press the call button. After that you will come SMS-the message from which you can learn the possible amount of loan, the repayment date and the amount of the fee for using the service.

If at the moment the service is still not connected, in the email you will find detailed instructions on wiring.

There are situations when the connection of the service «Promised payment» for your room impossible. In such case, you can use USSD-request to which to dial *121# and the call button. After that, the loan funds will be credited to your balance.

as for Tele2 to borrow

The terms of the loan from Tele2

To use this service have the opportunity to subscribers whose balance is not less than 10 rubles. You need to take into account that provided you a loan after some number of days will be deducted from your personal account. So make sure that this day is the required amount (including the fee for using the service) was on your account.

Otherwise your balance will go even more negative. Usually the fee for using the service «Promised payment» is 5-20 rubles. The exact amount depends on the region, which is registered in your starter pack. The loan amount can be no more than 200 rubles.

promised payment

What is the term given a loan and how to calculate the Commission

The loan term depends on the amount you intend to borrow. So, 50 rubles you’ll enjoy 3 days, 100 roubles – for 7 days and 150-200 rubles for up to 10 days.

The Commission charged for using borrowed funds is 10% of the loan amount. In time, you have to return the entire amount of the loan + interest for its use.

Re-use the service not earlier than in 24 hours after repayment of the previous debt.

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