As for MegaFon, to take confidence payment?

The question of how the Megaphone to take confidence payment is about as popular as to take the promise, because the two terms are synonymous. They represent the services offered by almost all mobile operators.

The reasons why people turn to such payments, are quite different. Most often it is due to the fact that someone on a mobile connected rates that require a monthly fee. Today, these SIM-cards are especially popular, as with their help you can easily use the Internet outside the home.

In connection with the popularity of measures in the network by using a mobile phone, even those who don’t, are often forced to buy their own tariff plans with the same monthly fee. As a result, those who use the mobile Internet, and those who do not, are often faced with a situation that requires immediate payment of cash.

If this happens, the first thought is to find a terminal or open a online Bank to quickly replenish the balance. But what if this is not possible? Fortunately, with the help of special services from the operator MegaFon is possible for some time to get a small amount.

as for MegaFon, to take confidence payment

How to get more money?

Almost all telecommunication companies use a very similar scheme, determines the amount available from trust payment. As a rule, it is influenced by two key factors: how much people spend with their mobile accounts during the month and the date when he began to use this simkarty.

  • Immediately after purchasing the new issue from the company MegaFon, the subscriber has a rule to himself and fifty rubles with the promised payment.
  • When the period of use of the SIM card reaches three months, he will be able to account for a hundred rubles, but only in the case that during this period he spent not less than one hundred and fifty rubles.
  • If three months were spent 200 rubles and more, using a Megaphone, you can get a hundred and fifty rubles.
  • If your monthly expenses equal about 250 rubles, the customer may be charged a trust payment in the amount of two hundred rubles.
  • Some people become so-called VIP-clients of the Megaphone. Such subscribers can easily get yourself a four hundred rubles, and in some cases 500.

Even a small amount can be enough to cover the debts by the monthly payments. However, do not hurry to rejoice, considering that Megaphone just gives money. First, you can use the service not always, and secondly, the funds will later have to return, and finally, Trust is not free.


The subtleties of the receipt of trust

Each company sets a Commission for such services. Some prefer to write off that amount a few days after activation of Payment, that is the day when people will return the favor. However, MegaFon takes your interest immediately. This means that even if a customer plans to order only 50 rubles, it is still necessary to have on account of extra money to cover expenses from operations.

This means that with a negative balance to use trusted payment usually not. However, even with a small plus, it is not always possible to borrow from a Megaphone.

  • The balance must be at least two rubles to the subscriber could get fifty rubles.
  • If someone wants to take a 100-150 rubles, you need to make sure the account has at least five rubles.
  • The biggest Commission is exposed to receive 200 rubles. In this case, the subscriber must pay ten rubles.

So, if you have sufficient amount of cash on the balance sheet, you are ready to direct service connection.

As for MegaFon, to take confidence payment?

As always, to work with mobile options and tariff plans in different ways. Most of them are fairly simple and require a minimum amount of effort. You should start with the most common option.

As for MegaFon, to take confidence payment?

  • Easier and faster just to contact the special USSD-command. In order to define it, you just need to type on your mobile the right combination *106#. Then you will only need to make a call, and Trust the payment will automatically connect.
  • If for some reason, use the following command fails, then you can access regular SMS messages. The room 0006 is sent a blank SMS and so there is a connection.
  • Finally, at 0006, it is possible not only to write messages and to call. Thus, the subscriber can use the voice menu, which, except for the Trust payment, allows you to connect and some other services.

All of these specialized methods will allow you to quickly and effortlessly get into your account a certain amount. However, there are several methods that, in addition to this service, allowing to solve a variety of problems.

  • First, you can use your Personal account. This method is suitable for those who are able to get to his computer or any other similar device connected to the Internet. Personal account is located on the official website of MegaFon. It is best to take care of to have username, password and other necessary information for authorization.
  • In addition to direct service connection, the site will provide an opportunity to learn information about it.

In your account you can see which amount and any payout is available to the subscriber. These data allow extra time to ponder the profitability of the use of trust.


Other connection methods

In the world of mobile operators, there is a method that allows to solve practically any question, it is connected with the service connection or parsing of any problems. It is a challenge specialist. In order to communicate with the operator MegaFon have to dial 0500.

The main drawback of this method is the probability that the response is a live human will have to wait a very long time. Much faster to connect trust with the help of codes, SMS or website, but if nothing else is left, we will have to wait for a response.

If the subscriber knows in advance that the need for this service, he will be appearing with avid frequency, it makes sense to activate automatic payment. It will work exactly the same as usual, just its activation occurs when the account remains less than ten rubles.

  • It is easiest to run this with the command *105*665#.
  • This is the same, but slightly modified combination you can use to create a room to send an empty SMS 000105655.

Connect automatic payments again really operator who needs to call the number 0500, and using the website. All these methods, besides sending SMS to deactivate the service if the automatic mode is no longer needed. The message to disable the send to the room 000105658.

the operator

Restrictions on the use

As we would not want people to obtain a small amount in the account, taking a loan from the operator MegaFon, sometimes he won’t be able to do so. There are various situations that impose restrictions on the use of the service.

In the first place, it lock room. Regardless, has been shut down due to lack of funds or for some other reason, this situation I won’t get a penny in debt from the company the Megaphone.

It will not work and in that case, if the mobile is connected Credit. The availability of this service automatically prevents use of the Trust payment. Other conflicting option is a combination of auto mode with the usual. To use really only one of them.

Finally, the Megaphone does not give confidence payment if not paid the previous debt. Monies received must be returned within a week. If everything is made in sufficient quantity, the service is available again.

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