As Facebook to find out who came to my page?

Modern social networks are made approximately on the same plan, although they have certain differences. For example, in «Schoolmates» there is a special section «Guests» — it is easy to understand who has viewed the record. But as Vkontakte to know who visited my page?

Unfortunately, the resource does not have any official support, which allows to obtain such information. The main problem is that most people, for whatever reason, does not know about it, or they simply do not think. As a result, fraudsters managed in this field a good roam.

On the Internet you can easily stumble upon a variety of offers to learn all of its guests. For this, the assurances, it is enough to register/download/install/state phone number/to do something else. All of this is a common method of fraud.

How not to fall for tricks?

Fraudulent sites or programs often operate on the principle that you need to send a message from your mobile phone. On the page explains that it is supposedly necessary to confirm that dispatches a real person, not a robot.

Often these resources are full of positive reviews say it all worked out, and SMS really need just to confirm. Comments look very alive, often have numerous mistakes or common parlance, but in reality they are all created by the fraudsters.

If you run something that requires the attackers, the outcome may be as follows.

  • If the person sent the message, it is likely that the phone will be charged a very decent amount of money.
  • If someone signed up on a malicious website or downloaded a program on the computer can get viruses.

Interestingly, many such resources are issued one of the first in the search using Yandex or Google. These sites and programs can’t be trusted.


How to know who visited my page Vkontakte?

So, the site itself does not provide the user the ability to view the guests, and various external resources are a common means of deception. However, people still interested in how Vkontakte to know who visited my page.

To obtain complete information for all visitors, with the date and time of the event, impossible. Really only learn the names of two people who not so long ago began to trickle in to account. There is another way to get more information, but the reliability of such data is extremely doubtful.

How to know who recently began to frequently visit the page.

  • For starters, you need to go to the settings page. This is done by clicking on the name at the top right.
  • After selecting «Settings» will open the main window.
  • If you scroll it to the bottom, then there will be an inscription «You can delete your page».


  • Remains click on the item and POPs up a list that you need to determine the reason for the removal.
  • You must select one of the last, «My page no comment.»

the reason for the removal

  • If this option is selected, just below formed the message. The site will show two people from among friends who are active on the page.

This method provides relatively reliable information. Besides, if you close the window with the choice of the cause and then re-open it and choose the same item, then the will have other names. You can repeat this several times, and so learn more of two people who frequent the page.

It should be understood that this method allows to identify visitors exclusively from your friends list. If often looks someone outside of this list, of these no way to tell.


Although the social network Vkontakte does not give a direct opportunity to know the guests, it has some programs that gather statistics page. With their help, you can get some information about the people often look to the account.

Generally considered two applications, which aren’t seriously differ. The first option – «My fans and guests.» After downloading you need to select «Fans» or «Statistics». The program will collect information and write out what actions were performed on the page. Tab «Guests» aims to show, who recently looked at the page.

Use and application «your guests». It also collects statistics, but will not give any information if the visitor just watched and did nothing. There are many other similar programs that can be found in the search Vkontakte.

guests VK

Viral links

There are so-called «traps for the guests.» They work very rarely, even almost never, but if they still work, give the most accurate information. The principle of operation is very simple – somewhere on the page of the exhibit a special viral link. Most often it is placed under «my website».

If properly execute, you have to make people want it, you will be able to get some information. Caught in a trap will display a special program, the origin of the reference itself. Most often this is done using the application «My guests».

Some prefer to arrange a trap in the form of a picture, but, as a rule, any form still gives the minimum result. Most people just browsing the page without performing any action, and therefore not caught by the various resources. Thus, as Facebook to find out who visited my page – it’s a tough question that is impossible to fully solve.

Video instruction

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