As Facebook put smileys?

Modern communication on the Internet has long been not only consists of text. People send each other pictures, photos, gifs, and actively used stickers and smileys. In the latter regard, the question often arises, as Facebook put smileys? At first glance, it’s pretty obvious, but the problem has several solutions.

as Facebook put smileys

What are emoticons?

About the concept of the smiley spoke at the beginning of the last century, when the four faces depicting different moods, were used in the play, its author Erwin Solhatom. Analogue smiley, so popular now arc, representing a smile, was first used by the famous writer Vladimir Nabokov.

The word emoticon is derived from the English concept of «smiling», although it is also called «happy face». The classic version of the image is a yellow circle with eyes and mouth in black color. Although the smiley in its simplest form, appeared very long ago, they continue to be actively used today.

The reason for this is that even an ordinary conversation between two people may not consist only of words. There is body language, so-called non-verbal communication. When it comes to the Internet, where something similar is much more difficult. However, here come to the aid of smileys, stickers and other such components.

All images and videos of this kind are intended to more accurately convey the feelings and emotions of people when communicating online. A few years ago, all of this is depicted graphically by using parentheses, colons and other characters, but there’s nothing you need to dial yourself. In order to Express some feeling, you can use your existing library of smileys and stickers, or to use something else.

How to put emoticons Vkontakte?

Diversify your notes and messages in social networks is possible using internal funds websites or by using third party software.

As Facebook put smileys:

  • The easiest way to Express emotions in the VC is to use the existing library of smileys and stickers.
  • In order to access the list, you need to open a dialogue with a person who is going to send pictures.
  • At the bottom, next to the set of messages, is the smiley face.
  • If you hover on it, a window will appear with a list of emoticons. It can browse, as the selection is quite large, and the bottom of the window are collections of stickers.
  • If we are talking about notice, not about positions on the walls, most prefer to use stickers. They are bigger and they have a more interesting design. However, for most of the collections have to pay.

If you want to Express emotions in a personal message to someone in contact to put smiles simply. The latest innovations have an opportunity to add a smiling face and posts on the wall, in groups or public servers. However, long time smiling face was only available in messages, but people found a way around this limitation.

smiley Vkontakte

Codes for emoticons

Before social networks came the ability to add faces almost everywhere, people actively used the special lists that specify codes for different images.

These combinations of characters can be useful today. Although most emoticons like the classic yellow faces, images of girls and trains available in the internal functionality of the resource, some still missing.

For example, using the code you can add icons like symbols WC, littering and other. The choice is great, and everything you need is found in the many existing lists of the relevant code.

If you copy the selected combination, and paste it in the desired place in the wall posts or a group, after the publication of the signs will be replaced by the appropriate picture. Therefore, codes not only give the possibility to add smileys in almost any text (e.g., status), but also extend an existing library.

codes for smileys


If you make a certain amount of effort, it will be possible in the VC to put the smilies of various kinds. For this, there are numerous plugins that add, for example, smiles from the once popular ICQ program.

Most of them can be easily found in the list of extensions available for browsers. For example, there is the so-called vkPlugin, adds new expressions of emotions, including so-called friend «In Bobruisk.» This option is particularly interesting because it allows you to use a blue face, not just the standard yellow, which has already managed to annoy many.

A lot of new things can bring into a social network plugin trollbar. Just download and install it, and then will be available to numerous faces, borrowed from the well-known memes. In addition, the program proposes to use so-called audio smileys that are added to messages or record popular phrases from films and animation as well as interesting sounds.

The only things to be aware of when using this plugin is that it has some influence on the performance button to send messages. It can sometimes hang or not work.


Stickers and EmojiPlus

Learn how Incontact put smiles, is quite simple, but many interesting and advanced use of stickers. If a person works in Google Chrome or Mozilla, it can assess a special plugin. After you download the installation file, run it and re-enable the browser, in the list of stickers you can detect new photos.

Something between emoticons and stickers you can add other browsers, using a plugin EmojiPlus. With it added nine categories, like Kote and kawaii girl. The main difference is that the picture sends will be able only after it will deliver the message. At first he will only show code.

If you delve into the list of available extensions, you’ll probably be able to find other plugins that will enable in the VC to put smileys. Such things can be and easy to find on the Internet. All this will give the opportunity to Express their emotions in a social network in a variety of ways.



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