How to transfer a decimal to a fraction?

Algebra mathematics is a complex science that doesn’t come easy even for those who pays them enough time. Problems can occur with any task. For example, not everyone knows how to translate a decimal to a fraction.

how to transfer a decimal to a fraction

Features fraction

To easily translate one kind of fraction to another, it is best to understand what it is. They can be called non-integer number. It consists of one or more parts of the unit.

First, allocate the normal or the so-called simple fractions. In respect of any kind the General rule is that the denominator cannot be zero. If so, it means that the value is an integer, i.e. it cannot be a fraction.

There are several types of writing such numbers. Use a horizontal line or slash, and the second option might look like in printed form in three different ways. Notebooks in school, as a rule, fractions with a classic record by a horizontal line.

In addition to simple, isolated compound and mixed fractions. The first are distinguished by the fact that have an integer written in the beginning. In the composite numerator and denominator as it is another fraction.


How to transfer a decimal to a fraction?

Decimal convert to a fraction is not so difficult, because, despite the changes, the essence will remain the same. The key difference is that decimals are written using com, not scratches. Of course, this does not mean that the fraction ½ would be equal to 1,2.

Decimal is formed of two components. The first is the sign and stands for integer. Second, the one that is after him, it’s tenths, hundredths and other numbers. Their name depends on how they are removed from coma.

Sometimes to convert one fraction to another is very easy, especially if non-integer portion is the tenth, not the hundredth or thousandth. A classic example of negative 0.5. First, it should properly read, you get zero point five. The zero point does not burn out, but the five turn into 5/10. All that remains – to reduce by dividing by five. The result is a half.

A fraction with an integer

It is necessary to consider other examples with increased complexity. Should take of 2.25. As before, for a start, it is best to correctly denote the name of the fraction. At this time, two point twenty five hundredths. Due to the fact that after the sign is two digits, they are satimi.

As a decimal fraction convert to a fraction:

  • Non-integer part is written as 25/100.
  • Left to add two integers. They are placed at the beginning, and thus a mixed fraction.
  • 25/100 can be reduced. For simplicity, actually start with dividing by 5, but you can only use the number 25. By reducing vihodit.
  • Remains only to sign two objectives do. The result – 2¼.

Finally, it is worth considering the process of working with thousandths. For the analysis take 4,112. The work must begin with a correct reading. Get four, one hundred and twelve thousandths. Will easily manage to select the first digit 4, and then to substitute for it one hundred twelve thousandths. They look so 112/100.

It remains only to reduce to provide the best view. In this particular example, the common divisor is six. The result is a simple fraction 4 14/125.

translate a decimal a fraction

Translation of fractions into a percentage

Almost any roll really easily translate into a percentage. To do this, you need to understand that a percentage is one hundredth. In other words, 1% can easily be written in decimal form, 1/100, or 0.01.

In the case other options will need to refer to decimal fractions, that is, those that are written with a comma. With them the problem is solved very simply. It is sufficient to multiply the decimal fraction by 100, and you get the desired percentage.

  • 0,27 * 100% = 27%

If you want to transfer fractions, you first need to convert to decimal.

  • For example, 2/5 is equal to 0.4.
  • 0,4 * 100% = 40%.

If the process of transfer the interest is still problematic, then, if you want, you can use various automatic services, which are many online. Typing into the appropriate fields of the numerator and denominator will be easy to know that it will turn out percentage.

In General, the translation of fractions into a percentage is always tied to multiplying by 100. In order to easily handle, you need to understand how to translate a common fraction to a decimal, but first, you should understand and selling process.


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