Advice on design of the infield

Every summer visitor wants to make your garden beautiful and unusual. Now, in fashion magazines and on the Internet it is easy to find many interesting ideas that you can use. Need a little patience, time, to make suburban area.

Making the infield

First you must create a detailed plan on paper, specify the size and shape of the site can identify key areas to draw the existing building. You need to allocate a new building that I want to post on the site (gazebo, relaxation area, barbecue, to mark the place for beds). Number of buildings depend on the free area and the wishes of the owners.

In the process of development giving you a little bit to adjust the plan.

It is necessary to divide the area into squares to evenly distribute all the buildings and other design elements. It is necessary to designate existing trees and plants and outline locations for new planting.

The garden design

Plants and trees must be planted in accordance with their needs. Some prefer shady and damp areas, others need bright sun and dry soil. You need to decide in advance what and in what area to plant. If you do not, in the future will have to repot the plants as they will look unattractive and ruin the appearance of the area.

Design elements should be positioned so that they do not interfere with communications (water pipe, electrical wires, sewage system).

You also need to examine the area for the presence of groundwater, to check the condition of the soil, the topography of the site. Perhaps due to the characteristics of the territory will have to adjust the plan or even abandon some of the ideas.

The color palette in garden design

A properly chosen palette of colors will turn the station. You must pay attention to the design elements created by nature (trails, plants, bushes, rocks, stream).

Shades will change depending on the season. It is necessary to consider which natural features to retain and which to abandon.

You need to pay attention on the main buildings of the area: house, garage, sauna, gazebo, sheds. All buildings should blend together.

Using for decoration of flowering plants can create a bright and colorful «carpet», which will vary based on the time of year. Garden paths, a hammock and swings, sheds and decking should all be combined to create a single design on the site.

Wooden pathways in garden design

Garden paths will become an additional decoration of the site, will help the owner in bad weather to move freely through the territory.

Tracks can be made out of different material (flat stone pebbles, gravel, pavers, wood tile, brick, concrete slabs). You can make them straight or winding. The choice of material depends on the budget that is allocated for registration of the site.

Usually on a country site there is a small segment for cooking on the fire. Everyone has their own tastes for someone to install a canopy with barbecue table and a few chairs, and somebody wants to build a kitchen under the open sky with stone oven and dining area.

Oven grill in the garden

You need to remember about creating a security grill or oven on the site. Place them under a better spread of stone. Outdoor furniture should be durable and lightweight. Will look good rattan furniture.

You can build on the site a small gazebo, put a few chairs or a sofa.

If the area has no natural river or stream can be created artificially. It all depends on the tastes, wishes and financial possibilities.

Artificial pond in the garden

The lawn is also an important part of the design. You can buy seeds of lawn grass and seed the necessary area, and you can order turf rolls and sign it. Need to be regularly watered and mow the lawn to have an attractive appearance.

If necessary, you can organize a few small raised beds on the plot. We need to keep the edges of the garden beds with stones, boards to sleep or lay in between the tracks. There are ready vessels for the formation of the beds. They are round or oval and are made from thin sheets of stainless steel.

Carefully decorated, the beds will fit harmoniously into the overall design of the site.

Any country or farmland, you can make beautiful and fashionable, and not necessarily hire a designer and spend a lot of money. The plot of the dream can be done independently.

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