Abs what’s that?

In most of the acronyms is very difficult to understand only by their sound, especially when the word is borrowed from another language, has a lot of transcripts or used a different spelling. People who ask «what is it abs?», most often heard this reduction with the American fitness training, although there are exceptions. For a start, it is necessary to consider the bulk of the known transcripts, and Russian counterparts.

abs what it is

Abs in the field of transport

Asking the Internet a question, abs what it is, it is easier to come across a transcript that deals specifically with the transport sector. These three letters are in such a situation would be to identify the abs system, because in English this word is written as anti-lock braking system. With its help, several is a reduced braking distance of the car, improving its stability and handling. Anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels to lock, if the inhibition

Abs put on a transport. Among them, the ordinary passenger cars and trucks, and also motorcycles and trailers. Find the antilock brake system on aircraft landing gear.

abs transport


In English there is another word – asset-backed security, which again can be reduced as Abs. This notion refers to the securities that was created by pools of assets, or by means of cash received from assets.

Assets are combined in a pool for the small assets have become more valuable as an investment object, and also reduces the risk.

Russian value

The letters Abs, which in Russian can be written as ABS, have their value.

  • For example, this is the name of a football club from Brazil.
  • ABS can be deciphered as the Autonomous buoy station or asphalt mixture.
  • There is such a thing as «ABS prize». It is awarded annually awarded to Russian-language science fiction works.
  • Decoding of this abbreviation is also the automated banking system and the concrete mixer.

abs award

Abs what’s that?

It becomes obvious that all of the above decoding abbreviations – terms are quite specialized, and if the person uses them, it usually knows what it is. A completely different situation with the hotel.

Today for a workout, it is not necessary to visit the gym and hire a personal trainer. Adequate fitness program that can be found online in the form of videos. Unfortunately, the most effective and popular training courses are created sooner far beyond the territory of Russia, but because the people there speak English.

Therefore, if the video was made this abbreviation, what does it mean began exercises for the back muscles and the press. Specifically ABS can be deciphered as Abdominal (abs) – Back (spine) – Spine (spine). Some of it may surprise you, because people who want to train exclusively in the stomach, is, alas, not uncommon. However, even basic exercises that focus on abdominal muscles, will still affect the muscles of the back. This is absolutely normal. Moreover, you can not train the stomach in isolation from the muscles of the back, as this can lead to problems.

However, despite the presence of words Back and Spine, under the acronym ABS is commonly understood it abdominal.

abs Pres

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