A certified letter of DTI. What is it?

Many residents of cities and villages of Russia were discovered in their mailboxes notifications to receive customized messages, and sent this certified letter to DTI. What is this organization, and whether or not to panic? The first thing to understand. In fact, DTI is not an organization, and an additional index that is used by the civil service when sending messages.

A registered letter in the envelope 

And if you want to know about it more information to do this will not work. After all, in reality it does not exist, it is completely virtual.

The most common indexes

This files most often on envelopes, registered letters return addressed to the following:

  • Moscow ASTs-DTI. This centre, which makes automated sorting of letters and assumptions. Automatically here is the address of the recipient, if not specified on the letter.
  • GCMP – mail, via the main road.

If it’s a certified letter to DTI, this means that some state service of the Russian Federation wants to send some information to the recipient. In this case, the envelope does not state who is interested in communicating with the recipient. To know the name of the return address will be possible only after opening the envelope.

The reasons for sending emails

Sometimes letters that do not specify a return address sent by the service of the traffic police to pay fine after traffic violations. In this message should be the application of the photographic, which shows that the man was speeding or ran a red light. Also a similar letter could be sent to the tax inspection that due to non-payment of various taxes. In addition, messages are often sent to the bailiffs and employees of the banks.

Sample registered letter

Sometimes mistakes happen and curious cases. For example, the penalty from traffic police can get a person with no car. Or the penalty on non-payment of taxes on the land are sent to the person that owns the land. If there is such a situation, then disregard the letter is not necessary. On the contrary, it should appeal to the organization that sent the message. It is advisable to attach a copy of the envelope which should be stamped the date of receipt.

Where can I take a message?

If your name has been sent a certified letter, you can get it at the post office. First you need to show your passport. Ignore the message on the letter can not, because the message may contain not only fine, but valuable information. Why can’t I get a letter from the office of DTI? Because this building does not exist, because the DTI is a virtual designation. In Russia there are over 800 such designations, designed to relieve the post offices.

If the envelope is marked ASC, DTI, this may indicate that the first letter was at the sorting centre of Moscow, before he gets to you. This center handles approximately a quarter of all parcels to Russia, due to which decrease in the flow of mail to other departments. However, the information about the sorting centre is not available for ordinary citizens, therefore, to know more about it will not work.

For state agencies whether the use of DTI. After all, if they don’t have your mailing address, they send any message using other information that will help to identify you. And the automatic sorting centre will be found the delivery address, after which the message will be sent to the recipient. Moreover, the presence of a DTI index significantly speeds up the sending of the message and its delivery to the recipient.

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