9 years what is a wedding?

Each anniversary is unique. Regardless, the pair are celebrating their first date, or have lived together for many years, every holiday will be different from previous its symbolism. Almost everyone knows the names of the first dates or big anniversaries, but 9 years what wedding? Only one more year of life separates the family from the first round date, but the nine-year anniversary is not less important.

9 years what a wedding

9 years what is a wedding?

As it happens with almost every interpretation wedding anniversary, nine years also have two meanings. This day can be defined as chamomile. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is believed that this flower unique. It is a symbol of the sun, the symbol of the most tender feelings toward another person. In the end, why wonder at her spouse is on the daisies?

However, often the question «9 years what wedding?» the answer is porcelain. On the one hand, the material used to create ordinary dishes that you can find almost in every house. On the other hand, it is believed that it has special properties.

In essence this material is a mixture of clays. However, earthenware is perceived as able to pick up negative energy, otdavali instead of positive. For this reason, utensils of earthenware have from time to time to change, to preserve the negativity accumulated in too large amounts.

ceramics wedding

The main tradition

Like any other anniversary porcelain wedding has its own traditions. First, on this date do not roll loud and luxurious parties for that is better suited to the next anniversary. For the ninth year in a better or to celebrate a wedding together with her husband, or with family and close friends.

Second, there is a tradition associated with the name. A married couple must work together to break earthenware dishes. Often take dishes and they have to be nine. Thus the lovers get rid of the accumulated negativity, which in the first nine years of life was probably a lot. This process is also considered to be a promise to try to avoid further quarrels and harsh words.

The resulting fragments are not to be thrown away. They can be collected in a special box and use it as a reminder that at some point the couple decided to live without quarrels. If the debris does not help the spouses to deal with negativity, they can throw because they have played a role.

broken plate

Anniversary gifts

You may guess what an appropriate gift for 9 year marriage. This, of course, will crockery, but do not worry if the couple will take advantage of that gift, determined to follow tradition with a smash.

In addition, you can give a beautiful porcelain figurines. If you stay on the dishes, it is good to choose options with the image of daisies. So to be able to combine both interpretations of the date. Chamomile as a bouquet and will be a great addition to any porcelain gift.

The main danger of such a simple choice of gift is a huge likelihood that all invited guests will come with faience plates. So it makes sense to show some originality. For example, you can choose dishes and tea set, or to give preference to expensive collector’s plate.

porcelain gifts

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