8929 which operator and the region?

When a mobile phone rings an unfamiliar room, do not want to take up. Few who it can be. Often after this people are trying to find out who called them. Most often information is searched using the first digits of the combination. For example, 8929 which operator and the region?

8929 which operator and the region

Why do people want to know where they called?

To obtain full information about potential subscriber will not succeed without the relevant court decision. Ordinary people, based on pure interest, eager to find out at least the mobile subscriber’s operator and the region.

Due to the huge number of people who need a SIM card, and the lack of variability of available combinations of digits, the widespread resale of rooms after they are locked and not used for a long time. As a result, getting a seemingly brand new SIM card, the person may start taking a number of strange incoming calls and SMS.

With him will try to contact people who think he’s the previous owner of this room. The situation is very difficult, if calling friends or relatives. However, unfortunately, often have to talk with representatives of banks, collectors, and many workers in the sphere of advertising.

Of course, in such situations, there is no desire to take up. Is it possible to determine which region to call, not to miss an important conversation, refusing to explain where the old owner of the SIM card? Many are trying to do a similar using the first digits of the number, but does it really?

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8929 which operator and the region?

Is it possible to know what the subscriber cellular company there is a person making a search for the first digits of his cell phone? Previously, it was quite simple, but now the situation has changed dramatically.

Therefore, the most likely answer to the question of what the operator at the owner, which begins with the 929 is a Megaphone. In this cell, the company has employed a huge number of SIM-cards, starting with this figure.

However, since about 2013, seeing on the phone screen combination of the 929, can’t be exactly sure what to call operator MegaFon. The fact that the state Duma was abolished so-called «mobile slavery.»

The point is that now every subscriber has the right to change its network. You can easily switch from Megaphone to Tele2, or from MTS to MegaFon. No matter what the operator number is saved. For this you just need to contact the salon to his future provider of mobile services and to issue the necessary documents.

Thus, the presence of numbers 929 at the beginning does not guarantee that the call from the Megaphone. Eight generally does not carry potentially useful information. 8 +7 numbers, which begins with absolutely any mobile number in Russia, and therefore they will not help to get some information.


Is it possible to know the region of the caller?

So, using the first digits 929 can be assumed that the operator is called a Megaphone, but they could easily be any other company. How do things stand with the region?

For the first three or four digits , no way to get information about the location of the call. In this combination contains absolutely no data on the likely region. To provide location only using three numbers.

  • For example, if a 929 in number are 000, 001 and other options for 005, there is a chance that the caller has received a simcard in the Belgorod region.
  • The numbers from 006 to 011 require the Voronezh and nearby communities.
  • Rooms 929012…, 929013… and 929014… usually belong to the Lipetsk region.
  • 92910, 92911 is Saint Petersburg, although the rooms with 176-179 can also treat it.
  • In Chelyabinsk isolated as a combination 929207, and from 235 to 239.
  • Figures from 064 to 069 can designate Ryazan.
  • 080-084 often speak of Smolensk.

On the same principle of distribution of numbers among all the other cities of Russia. Ultimately, the combination comes to 89299… and it would probably mean Moscow. Thus, the question 8929 which operator and the region, you can give any answer, so how an ordinary person can learn the information impossible.

Using numerous tables that are easy to find on the websites, or automated system search really suggest the region was called, but only if there is more of the first three digits.

8929, by themselves, do not give any information about the caller, as the region they are specified, and the operator can be easily changed by the owner of the SIM card. The best way to find out who did call, this call back on the room and ask everyone directly.

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