8 years what is a wedding?

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, their dates and names, it is easy to think about paper or print, but to learn in 8 years what a wedding, a little harder. All because to survive the first years and wait for the natural or even leather anniversary can be quite a lot. To live together for more than eight years – it’s a real job, and to achieve this date is far from over.

8 years what a wedding

8 years what is a wedding?

As with all previous anniversary celebration of the eighth anniversary has its own name. All three of them, but only one is very common, and almost always people are turning to him.

To the question «8 years what is a wedding?» can be answered in three ways:

  • of course
  • Makova,
  • tin.

The first option was based on the fact that after eight years of marriage was made to find a new marriage bed. People bought (or built) a new bed, because the wedding was called thus.

It is difficult to say with certainty where the name «poppy», but this option has its own traditions, which, however, combines the traditions of the main title, namely…

Tin wedding

Now under eight-year anniversary should be understood that such a celebration. It is believed that this material was chosen to designate the date for several reasons. First, it is strong, but it is underscored in the names of some of the previous anniversaries. Secondly, it is an alloy, that is, represents the joining of people. Third, this alloy has a protective layer, which means that the family is protected from all sorts of troubles.

In addition to this, tin is shiny, it can reflect objects. It is believed that this symbolizes the ability of the spouses to see his own reflection in the other.

tin wedding

Is this material and a few negative symbolism. Tin is widely used in various spheres of life, it creates a lot of items, so it is easy to overlook. And time is slowly trying to turn the once fervently people in love, two partners that are perceived as something self-evident.

8 years – just the period when the needed change and shake-up to refresh your senses and emotions. A good start will be a holiday, dedicated to the anniversary. It can hold all the rules and traditions.

Tradition tin wedding

When people lived in small houses surrounded by a metre high fences, there was such a tradition. Wife took a large ware of tin, into which was poured the strong alcohol. The bowl, together with a special ladle, put at the door, and everyone passing by could drink from it, but it’s as good wishes, he had to leave in the bucket for a coin.

There was a special ceremony. It was the fact that the husband and wife took a sheet of tin night and put it in front of the horse. On the morning of the anniversary of the tin sheet was taken, and if it was found the imprint of a horseshoe, it was a happy omen.

If we celebrated poppy’s wedding, the wife baked a cake with this ingredient, and treated them all family members. To treat outsiders were allowed, if they dress in the bride and groom will sit opposite spouses with rings made of tin on the fingers.

tradition tin wedding

Gifts for 8 years

Easy enough to find a tin gift among a variety of products for the home and kitchen. These include:

  • dishes and other utensils,
  • beautiful jars with candy or tea.

If the pair is good for humor, you can give canned food, like condensed milk and corned beef. Tin make and beer cans.

The easiest way to find a gift for the eighth anniversary of married life is to take absolutely anything and wrap in tin foil. For example, it is possible to wrap the new appliances. In addition to any gift is well suited bouquet of poppies.


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