7 years what is a wedding?

Wedding! How many in this word, how many magical memories it carries. It seems like just yesterday was the first dance, a delicate veil, wedding veils, cries of «Bitter!». And here has passed not one year. Interestingly, and 7 years — what a wedding in the family history? This question is raised by the friends and relatives of the couple, often their own spouses. Date is called «copper wedding.»

7 years, what a weddingCopper wedding

Copper — lightweight plastic material, however it was strong enough. The couple checked their relationship, this is not the shy couple, with the excitement of entering a new life. Husband and wife have strong ties, of course, still happen quarrel, unreasonable fits of jealousy. Warmth gives the power to solve any problems.

There is a second title of the anniversary is «wool wedding». This soft material symbolizes the warm relations. Each spouse appreciates, loves, cherishes his mate. Paired harmony, mutual understanding. The husband and wife were able to find an approach to each other, built their cozy nest.

Tradition seventh wedding anniversary

Seven is a lucky number, it brings luck. The years spent together increase the welfare of the family, give hope for future prosperity. As noted by the seventh anniversary of family life? There are many traditions associated with the anniversary, they have a long age-old roots.

Copper coins symbolize wealth and prosperity. The couple can simply exchange them. An interesting option when holiday guests with our best wishes generously showered with money the happy couple.

Copper horseshoeCopper horseshoe

On this day, the couple hung over the threshold of his house a horseshoe. You can make it to order, it will be the best gift that carries a special meaning. A horseshoe brings good luck, it protects the house from any disaster. If you are not able to find a copper horseshoe, quite suitable decorative item. Importantly, this talisman is a homemaker, reliably protects the rest of the family.

Copper ringCopper ring

A touching moment — the exchange of rings. Couple repeats vows of fidelity, giving each other a copper ring. This happy moment reminds exciting moments of the wedding. Ahead of waiting for couple silver wedding, and then gold. You can borrow the custom of southern people when the wife the day carries a purse with small change. A man should carry a small knife.

Ideas for celebrating wedding anniversary

Each couple decides for itself how to celebrate copper wedding. Should not have even thought that possible to do without a celebration. Seven protects the planet Uranus, so the day needs to bear a lot of surprises, delight with unexpected situations.

A romantic candlelight dinnerA romantic candlelight dinner

This solemn day should pass quite unusual for the pair. Homebodies just have to spend the evening in the restaurant or take a romantic trip. Busy business people can enjoy a homelike atmosphere. A quiet family dinner with candles can bring a lot of positive emotions.

On this day, you can afford all the most unusual. If the couple was hesitant to try an exotic dish, to visit too noisy bar, it’s the perfect time to slightly misbehave. Do not limit your fantasy, any desire worthy of attention in this festive day.

Gifts for wedding anniversary

The gifts must match the name of the wedding, mainly various copper products. First and foremost, horseshoe, it protects the house from negative influence, brings good luck and prosperity. Appropriate copper utensils. Coffee pot, samovar, Cup, vase come in handy in the home or you can leave them on the memory, putting under glass in the cupboard. Especially memorable is a gift with an engraved inscription or commemorative plaque.

Copper gifts for weddingCopper gifts for wedding

A loving husband can give his wife a copper decoration. Don’t let these precious products look very simple, but they symbolize love and lasting relationship.

Do not forget about the second name of marriage. Cozy woolen things will please the spouses. It can be a beautiful blanket, a warm scarf or a fluffy carpet.