6 years what is a wedding?

Among the many personal holidays, like birthdays, there is one that is very often observed alone, in the presence of only two, albeit high-profile celebrations are also arranged. Speech about wedding anniversary. Every year, the spouses lived together, has its own name, and not everyone knows 6 years what is a wedding?


The history of the tradition

It is believed that this tradition was believed in medieval Germany. Despite this, the name of the anniversaries it is now not used as main. The type of date is different in many countries, even though they all have similar motives. Basically, the difference in their order.

For example, according to German tradition, the first anniversary is paper. In England and France it is cotton, and the Netherlands — calico. Certain differences are observed in each of the following dates, but the most common variant that is used in Eastern Europe, and that it should be based.

The first five years

If a person wants to find out 6 years, what a wedding, so he was able, along with his beloved, to survive the first five years. Need to know what is happening during this time.

  1. First year – Cotton wedding. In addition, it is called gauze or cotton because these materials are fragile. Year – too little time to judge the strength of the marriage. The couple haven’t been through, and who knows what lies ahead.
  2. The next step – paper wedding. It would seem, it is still less durable than cotton, but there is one expression. According to him, paper and even torn, but it can help you to send many lovely words. For just the second year of marriage, often have children, and this is a very serious test for marriage.
  3. After living together for three years, the couple will celebrate leather wedding. It is obvious that she is much stronger than cotton or paper. Besides, the skin feels different subjects. In the third year the pair had been able to understand each other.
  4. The fourth year is called linen wedding. The fibers of this fabric are intertwined like ropes. Woven together, a couple who had lived such a life, it’s quite hard to separate. There are even traditional rituals associated with the anniversary. Spouses have together, and if they can’t get out, that’s a good sign that says about the strength of their marriage.
  5. Finally, in the fifth year of marriage, people celebrate their first small anniversary. This anniversary is called the wooden, and it’s hard to argue with how the tree is stronger than all previous materials.

calico wedding

6 years what is a wedding?

Finally, it takes six years since that moment as two passionate lovers were married. During this time they have been through a lot, and not all couples reach this date. Often, after six years of living together in the family escalate various crises. The above relationship, one way or another, have to work, that can be quite difficult. This is one answer to the question «6 years what wedding?». She is of iron, and although it may seem that cast iron is durable, in fact, he is singled out for his weight.

To live six years together is not easy, but during this time, and the relationship itself are gaining a lot of weight. Spouses know each other, know about what others do not know. Despite the fact that cast iron can crack easily, it is durable and heavy, and the damage can be repaired.

6 years what a wedding

How to celebrate a sixth anniversary?

As well as all previous anniversary if the couple decided to arrange a public celebration, guests should bring something made of cast iron. Usually, friends and relatives give the figures of small size, made of this material. However, you can donate useful things. For example, a cast iron frying pan is heavy, but allow you to cook as tasty dishes such as pilaf, and roasted vegetables on them juicy and crispy.

Boilers, grate – various kitchen utensils made of cast iron, so pick a gift the couple will not be difficult.

cast-iron wedding