40 years what is a wedding?

Many interesting names and traditions hide different wedding anniversaries. It’s hard to imagine what have passed people for whom the question – what is 40 years wedding – it is an emergency. A couple celebrating this anniversary, have kept their marriage for about half my life.

the red wedding

40 years what a wedding

After living together for already forty years, the couple celebrate ruby wedding. This gemstone is a beautiful symbolism of the anniversary. It is painted in bright red color and is one of the most expensive material. Only ruby is more valuable than a diamond.

It is difficult to question the beauty and splendor of this stone. For these qualities it is widely used in the creation of jewelry.

All of this, one way or another connected with the symbols, by which the forty-year anniversary is called ruby. For such a long time relationship is already perfected, they became strong and beautiful. They are not afraid of different strokes of fate, because a couple is like a stone bonded together.

So many years have not extinguished the feelings of the spouses, on the contrary, they Shine bright, as the red color of a ruby, and they are already considered to be a real jewel. By itself color red has always been a symbol of love and passion.

40 years what a wedding

The main traditions

After living together for so many years spouses is not a sin on the fortieth anniversary of the change engagement rings. Probably by this time they have lost their bright appearance. It’s time to put in their place jewelry with genuine rubies. Of course, throw an old not necessary they have endured for so long on the fingers of the spouses, they certainly can be considered a family heirloom you want to pass on to children and grandchildren.

ring with ruby

Anniversary celebration

Obviously, if you want to follow the symbolism, the place where will be held the occasion must be decorated with red elements. Suitable appropriate curtains and tablecloths, numerous vases with flowers, especially roses. Do not have to put on the tables are real rubies can be made from construction paper of the corresponding color.

The perfect combination of the essence of the holiday will make red wine so reminiscent of ruby. On the cake you can put bright berries or flowers, and marmalade. If alcohol is not encouraged, it is easy to replace fruit drinks and cranberry juice.

Now that you’ve seen for 40 years what a wedding, it becomes clear that to save on gifts does not. Of course, you can present something with imitation ruby or red flowers. However, the forty years spent by the spouses together, deserves this award, so it is best to give something with a luxurious ruby. It can be jewelry, carved boxes or a variety of elements.

Alternatively, you can push and from the numbers forty, but the gift should not be less than significant. For example, you can give this amount of bottles of wine, or, if the spouse is not against the jokes, the same pairs of socks.

the red wedding

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