35 years what is a wedding?

For anybody not a secret that every wedding anniversary has its own, unique name. It not only carries deep symbolic meaning, but also defines the various rituals and traditions, which need to pay attention to such a day. People who are interested in the question 35 what is a wedding, it’s been an incredibly long way and touched many traditional moments.

35 years what is a wedding

Before the age of paper, leather or even a tin wedding, probably still hard to imagine the day when the years of living together will be 35. Few couples, especially the modern, can boast of such a considerable period. It is a real cause for pride, which should be noted but for this you first need to understand 35 what is a wedding?

35 years what is a wedding

Like most all the other anniversaries, this one has several names. One option is a plain wedding, but with such names the couple has repeatedly faced in the first years of marriage. Here the symbolism is again tied to strength, although it is quite doubtful, and so very often people start from another word.

plain wedding

35 years – coral wedding. Corals are able easily and quickly to grow, and while they are all firmly connected to each other. They represent a huge family with many children and grandchildren, and all of them are strongly connected to love and support each other. After living together for more than thirty years, the husband and wife would become one, as one sprawling coral.

coral wedding

Customs and traditions

It is much easier to celebrate such an event, if you start from the name «plain». However, its symbolism is much poorer than that of the coral, and the celebration of such a long marriage deserves a true scale.

Do not have to focus exactly on one of the marine representative. Based on the celebration you can take the water theme in General. For this reason, it is best to mark the anniversary on the coast, whether it’s the sand of the Islands or the shore of a pond in the village.

If you cannot find a suitable place, you should pay attention to the decor, which must include both a linen cloth, and coral.

If the couple managed to celebrate to reach the sea, it is possible to hold a special ceremony. At dawn two should sail the boat away, and there, alone, to try to repeat each other all the vows that were spoken on the day of the wedding. Then you need to sincerely ask forgiveness for all the wrongs that happened during those 35 years.

Any pond can hold another ceremony. For it will need a red scarf that spouses must work together to throw into the water.

wedding at sea

The choice of gift

Of course, the easiest way to give a tablecloth, linens and other articles from the web. However, it is much better to present as a gift the couple the subject of corals. It can be as decoration and elements of home decor.

Coral can make gifts like the same jewelry, or coral twig can happen decoration in itself. If the choice fell on the canvas, the objective solution would be to give preference to the coral colour. Also an appropriate gift for such date is the expensive wine collection.

podarunki Coralie

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