30 years what a wedding

Wedding is a wonderful day that the husband and wife remember a lifetime. With the years this holiday has not lost its significance. Every year, the day of the wedding is given a specific name, which depends on how long the spouses lived together. So, the wedding day is called Green wedding 1 anniversary is the Cotton wedding, etc. These names are always of interest to spouses. 30 years what is a wedding?

How to call a 30-ment of married life

30th anniversary of joint life of the spouses are called the Pearl wedding. Like the pearl, the creation of which requires many years, built relations of husband and wife, and their incomes increase.

By this time it had time to grow their children, there grandchildren, and the spouses still have the desire and strength to travel the world and enjoy each passing day.

How to celebrate

In ancient times in Russia was made on this day spouses go to the pond or river where they were thrown into the water for 1 gem. It was believed that in this way they will be together until Golden wedding. Then the couple went to Church, where they each put on 3 candles. One for virgin, which protects their health, the second – of Jesus Christ, which gives prosperity and wealth, the third of the Holy Trinity, which gives a long life.

30 years what a wedding

Today, these traditions almost nobody knows. Therefore, a thirtieth wedding anniversary is celebrated either at home or in a restaurant, where I invite the family and loved ones. In the warm time of year, many go camping. And if funds allow, then the couple can go on a trip.

What to give to each other

Traditionally the pearl wedding the husband gives his beloved wife a decoration consisting of 30 gems that are a symbol of long and happy family life. Following this tradition, a husband can give his wife a necklace, beads or bracelet, decorated with pearls. You can buy fur Cape, decorated with pearls.

Pearl is a mineral that has a strong female energy, so the woman will have to try, choosing a gift for your beloved man. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the cufflinks, cigarette cases and other things adorned with pearls. You can of course just buy what you want man, but, it will not be memorable.

30 years together

On the other hand, the gifts should certainly bring joy to people. Therefore, if the spouses do not approve of the pearls, you can just buy a ticket to some romantic place and spend another honeymoon.

Options for gifts from relatives and children

Of course, everybody likes to receive gifts, especially gifted to your loved ones. To bring children to the pearl wedding of his parents:

  • Things for the home. Every child probably knows that they need parents. For example, it may be kitchenware and household appliances.
  • Anything related to photography. But let not this be banal frames or albums for storing photos. You can order in shop posters or a mural depicting spouses, photo album, collage or a video clip in which will be gathered all the photos of the family archive.
  • Gifts for the soul. In 30 years of marriage, the couple usually already time to get everything you need. Therefore, as an option – give them something unusual. This can be a jewelry box, decorated with pearls, sets or Antiques.

gift for pearl wedding

Gifts from friends

As a gift, friends can choose anything. As long as the gift was beautifully decorated and presented with soul. So you can present the couple the medal of honor or cups which are engraved with the names.


Than to entertain guests

The menu should prevail seafood. Traditionally on the table, during the celebration of a pearl wedding serves meat pies. The cake must be decorated with edible pearls.

cake pearl wedding

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